Chapter 165: I’m Alright

“Lord Zhen Jin, abandon me, remember my final wishes!” Cang Xu shouted into the wind.

Zi Di also said: “Zhen Jin, put me down, it will allow you to speed up a little.”

“Stop joking, I am a templar knight. Giant, run ahead and catch them!” Zhen Jin roared.

The giant stared, soon he saw Zhen Jin suddenly moving his arms, tossing Zi Di and Cang Xu forward.

His immense strength threw Zi Di and Cang Xu through the air in a parabola, the two flew over the battlefield and landed in front of Jia Sha’s party.

The giant subconsciously ran, after a dozen steps, he stretched out his arms as he fell to the ground, catching Zi Di and Cang Xu in a thrilling experience.

“Too reckless!”

“How did they fly over there?!”

A few guardian templar knights nearly ran into the giant, all of them were dumbstruck.

“Lord Zhen Jin!!” Zi Di and Cang Xu stood up and turned around to see wounds and blood flowing from Zhen Jin’s body.

“Behind you father!” After catching Zi Di and Cang Xu, the giant turned around at once and saw the gigantic golem charging at Zhen Jin, he couldn’t help but stare in anger.

He charged back out again, he wanted to help Zhen Jin.

But Jia Sha used a divine spell to slow the giant down.

“Villain, you’re playing tricks!” The giant bellowed at Jia Sha; his eyes filled with cold killing intent.

Jia Sha glared at him and reprimanded: “Idiot, going back now will only inconvenience him!”

“Come.” At the same time, Zhen Jin suddenly turned around and faced the gigantic golem.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, just like a shield.

The next moment, the gigantic golem rammed Zhen Jin.

Bang, Zhen Jin was launched into the air, flying faster than Zi Di and Cang Xu and soaring over Jia Sha and the others, becoming the frontrunner.

After landing and rolling a few times, Zhen Jin immediately stood up while simultaneously removing his transformations.

There was no pain, Zhen Jin’s arms were numb, as they had been completely deformed when his arm bones shattered.

Zhen Jin shouted to Jia Sha and the others: “Run for it! They are chasing after!”

Jia Sha gave the others the discharge divine spell, speeding up everyone’s footsteps.

The gigantic golem stopped pursuing, because Zhen Jin, Jia Sha, and the others squeezed into a passage.

The passage was narrow, its body could not pass through.

The other guardian golems were slow, thus Zhen Jin and the others quickly escaped them.

The exterminators were the greatest threat.

However, Jia Sha began to use divine spells, after a few divine spells, the exterminators were forced to reveal themselves, allowing everyone to fire their crossbows at them.

Not long after, the pursuing exterminators were all destroyed.

The situation had stabilized!

“We got through that battlefield.” The guardian templar knights cheered, however their cheers were quickly substituted with sorrowful expressions.

There were only four guardian templar knights left, during the escape, one had sacrificed himself to protect Jia Sha.

“There are still many people in there, I will save them.” Zhen Jin returned to the battlefield, taking advantage of that time, he restored his arms.

“Lord Zhen Jin!” Zi Di opened her mouth, she wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

The giant wanted to follow, but Jia Sha stopped him again.

Once again, Zhen Jin became a small scorpion armored giant with a spider blade in his hand, the edge of the blade

“Divine scion knight!”

“Lord Zhen Jin, it's you!”

“Thank you for saving my life!!”

Zhen Jin’s assistance helped many comrades that nearly fell in the battlefield.

With how Zhen Jin currently was, he could directly resist the guardian golems.

As for the exterminators, although Zhen Jin still couldn’t find them, he had discovered whenever an exterminator was attacking him, his heart would warn him.

Using the warnings, Zhen Jin successfully dodged ten of them.

Even if it was simply side stepping them, doing so would turn a fatal blow into a lesser injury.

Zhen Jin was quickly soaked in blood.

“Lord Zhen Jin……”

“He is a genuine hero!!”

In the passage, everyone watched Zhen Jin’s blood-soaked figure fight bravely, one by one, each of them was moved.

Jia Sha gazed at the distant Zhen Jin; he didn’t know what to think.

“Alas, this look must be inappropriate to Jia Sha. After this battle, I had better confess.” Zhen Jin’s heart said.

He might be able to deceive the others, however Jia Sha was a Sheng Ming priest, he must know things didn’t add up.

“The amount of fire elementals is rapidly decreasing, fortunately that gigantic golem wasn’t watching me as it wantonly massacred the fire elementals.

“Who else needs my help?”

Zhen Jin quickly looked around.

Suddenly, he concentrated his attention on footprints in the ground.

The footprints were very new, they were likely from one of his companions.

Bloodstains accompanied the footprints.

“This companion is wounded!”

Following the footprints, Zhen Jin ran to a nook in the battlefield.

There was a hillside here, it was a good hiding spot for people.

“I’ll save this person and leave……I don’t have much time left.” The fire elementals were at a disadvantage, Zhen Jin could only save his comrades as long as he didn’t endanger himself.

However, just as he arrived at the nook, Zhen Jin didn’t find anyone, and a warning suddenly rose in his heart.

He dodged at once, yet a massive wound sliced across his back.

Against the attack, the scorpion shell was as thin as paper!

“This isn’t an exterminator!”

Zhen Jin didn’t see his enemy; however, he could feel the enemy’s strength from his wounds. It was from something of unprecedented sharpness!

Zhen Jin couldn’t find the enemy and Jia Sha was not at his side. With another warning appearing in his heart, he immediately sank into a bitter struggle.

In the passage, everyone waited for a good while. No comrades had converged with them for some time and there weren’t any traces of Zhen Jin.

The giant roared, he was still struggling against the divine spell: “I will find father, let me go you scoundrel!”

“You two go look for Zhen Jin, spare no effort to return with him!” Jia Sha ordered while maintaining the divine spell.

“Ok.” The two guardian templar knights accepted the order and returned to the battlefield.

Complete transformation!

The lizard head Zhen Jin wildly sprayed.

It was not the green acid that was sprayed, rather it was the fat ball flying fish’s hot water.

Steam quickly filled the air, creating a thick fog, at the same time Zhen Jin discharged electricity with all his strength!

For a split second, the electricity lit up the invisible enemy in the fog.

“There!” Zhen Jin roared as he wildly swung.

The unusual exterminator was abnormally nimble, it moved behind Zhen Jin and suddenly attacked the back of his head.

If it hit, Zhen Jin would die on the spot, the scorpion carapace couldn’t defend against the attack.

But everything was Zhen Jin intentionally exposing a weak point.

The next moment, a scorpion tail suddenly skewered the invisible enemy.

The exterminator suffered a mortal strike, its fans suddenly broke down as it launched towards Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin didn’t dodge enough, a fan had pierced his shoulder and his ear was nearly cut off, only a bit of skin held it together.

The scorpion tail was no longer sharp, its point was nearly grinded in half.

When the exterminator died, it revealed its true appearance.

“Sure enough, it's an exterminator. But a common exterminator has three fans, this one has five.”

In the thick fog, Zhen Jin knelt to the ground.

At that moment, red light gushed out, covering the scorpion tail and his wounds.

His ear and shoulder transformed into strong life white rhinoceros flesh, allowing them to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The grinded scorpion tail was restored to its peak original condition.

The thick fog gradually dispersed.

Suddenly, he heard a strange sound.

“Another exterminator!” Zhen Jin’s heart jumped, and like a snake, the scorpion tail stabbed at the sound’s origin.


The strike didn’t feel like it hit an alchemy article, rather it ran through flesh.

Zhen Jin’s complexion suddenly changed.

He promptly removed the scorpion tail, then at the next moment, he saw a kneeling man with his head on the ground.

“No!” Zhen Jin cried out in alarm, he then ran over and held the companion in his arms.

A familiar face appeared in Zhen Jin’s eyes.

It was Xi Suo!

“No!” Zhen Jin’s pupils suddenly shrank as he shouted, pain and shock filled his face.

He suddenly remembered, Xi Suo was one of the scouts. Every time scouts were dispatched; Jia Sha would give them the invisibility divine spell.

Xi Suo gazed at Zhen Jin, however his expression showed fear.

In his eyes, Zhen Jin was a lizard headed monster!

“You……beastified……not a divine scion……”

Xi Suo had a hard time speaking as blood flowed from his mouth.

He had been invisible and watched Zhen Jin completely transform during the fight.

Zhen Jin’s heart bulged, and his pulse quickened. He immediately explained: “I am still Zhen Jin! Be at ease, I still have my rationality. I will save you; I will save you……”

Zhen Jin comforted Xi Suo while inspecting his injuries.

Seeing his injury, Zhen Jin stunned himself.

Xi Suo’s heart had been pierced by Zhen Jin, without Jia Sha present, this was a mortal wound!

“Lord Zhen Jin, where are you?” Suddenly, a guardian templar knight’s voice could be heard.

The two guardian templar knights followed the footprints Zhen Jin left behind to the nook in the battlefield.

They found Zhen Jin.

He was kneeling on the ground and was covered in a lot of blood.

On the nearby ground, there were scattered exterminator components.

The two guardian templar knights quickly determined a fierce battle had taken place here.

“That isn’t a common exterminator!”

“Lord Zhen Jin, are you alright? Can you still walk?”

The motionless and kneeling Zhen Jin seemed to turn a deaf ear to their shouts, this strangeness made them concerned.

At the next moment, Zhen Jin slowly lifted his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was hoarse.

“I’m alright.”

The youngster stood up with a numb expression: “I suffered an ambush here. Let’s go, there isn’t……anyone here.”

“Then let’s return without delay.”

“Everyone is waiting for you.”

The two guardian templar knights didn’t doubt him, and they turned around to leave.

Almost all of the fire elementals were slaughtered, if they didn’t leave now, they would never leave.

Zhen Jin followed close behind.

He quietly sprinkled the carbon ash behind him.