Chapter 157: The Island Master’s Identity

Jia Sha.

He was a middle aged man, wore white priestly garments, and had an ordinary appearance some might even consider ugly. Because his face had a scar that traveled from the bottom left of his forehead to his right ear.

This malevolent scar split his face into an upper right and a lower left section, it was extremely conspicuous.

His hands were empty; however, he wore a necklace, a holy insignia.

The necklace was a hollow silver disk that was bigger than an adult human’s palm.

The necklace was a circular pendant, with a horizontal eye and a vertical eye superimposed on each other. Both the horizontal eye and vertical eye were human shaped and formed from moderate curves, putting the eyes together, they vaguely formed the shape of a cross.

The two eye sockets were hollow, those were the hollow parts of the disk.

This was Emperor Sheng Ming’s holy insignia, by wearing it, Jia Sha represented his belief and service to Emperor Sheng Ming.

A silver level aura dispelled from Jia Sha’s body; it was not masked at all.

He was an extraordinary silver level senior!

Zhen Jin already knew about Jia Sha. Earlier, when he and Zi Di helped each other, Zi Di told him of Jia Sha’s existence.

Zhen Jin knew as a templar knight and for the sake of the Bai Zhen Clan, he traveled to the Wilderness Continent to compete in the White Sands City lord competition.

Altogether, there were three templar knights competing in the White Sands City lord competition, and one of the officials conducting it was Jia Sha.

The competition was intense.

It was very possible one of his rivals used their power behind the scenes to destroy the troops the Bai Zhen Clan dispatched to aid Zhen Jin.

After Zi Di and Zhen Jin discussed, they stealthily traveled aboard the Hog’s Kiss.

On the one hand, his two rivals had already left, and in order to not let the hidden hand prevail, Zhen Jin and the others needed to snatch time and prevent delays.

On the other hand, it was because Jia Sha was traveling on the Hog’s Kiss. If he could build a relationship with the main examiner or leave a good impression, it would be a big help in the future city lord competition.

Later, the shipwreck happened.

After being stranded on this island, Zi Di also mentioned to Zhen Jin: if possible, find Priest Jia Sha, help him, and leave a good impression with him.

And now, they finally found Priest Jia Sha.

It’s just that, Zhen Jin and others did not help the priest, rather it was the priest who helped Zhen Jin.

“Templar knight Zhen Jin, you’ve finally arrived.” Jia Sha’s hoarse voice seemed to reverberate in Zhen Jin’s ears.

Zhen Jin finished saluting and asked with a puzzled expression: “Priest Jia Sha, thank you for your assistance. But how did you know I would come, from your tone, it seems you have been waiting for me for a long time?”

Jia Sha’s right hand caressed the holy insignia and deeply said: “With the Heavenly Emperor’s sight, the future has signs I can follow.”

Zhen Jin’s heart immediately shook as he recalled a divine spell——the extreme eye spell!

The gods were omnipotent, but each had their specialties.

Each god’s clergy was different, and each had different contributions in different fields.

Emperor Sheng Ming was the god of victory and light; the extreme eye spell was one of his divine spells.

The so called extreme eye surpassed the limits of sight, it didn’t see space, instead it saw time. When one successfully used the extreme eye spell, they would see the results of actions.

In a nutshell, it was a prophecy spell!

“Priest Jia Sha unexpectedly grasped the extreme eye spell?” Zhen Jin’s heart was shocked.

Jia Sha looked at everyone, soon understanding everyone’s exhaustion.

“What you most need now is rest. Follow me, our camp isn’t too far.” Said Jia Sha.

Zhen Jin and the others didn’t refuse, they really needed to rest.

But when everyone followed Jia Sha and the other five, they were awed on the spot by the hillside before them. Many were dumbstruck, the hillside was strewn with magic beast corpses.

“The magic beast corps that “attacked” Zhen Jin and the others really were scattered remnants Jia Sha and the others were pursuing.

The magic beast corps Zhen Jin encountered was actually five times bigger, but now it was all corpses.

“Jia Sha’s group only had six people, yet they were able to behead so many magic beasts?”

“How did they accomplish this?”

“It's obvious, Jia Sha can use divine spells!”

“It seems this place can only prohibit magic and battle qi, but not divine spells.”

“Strange, Lord Jia Sha’s scar can obviously be healed by a minor healing divine spell, why doesn’t he heal it?”

“That is not important, the most important thing is that he might have grasped the extreme eye spell!”

“What is the extreme eye spell?”

“This divine spell indeed can only be grasped by a considerably pious believer. Generally speaking, bishops in the Sheng Ming Sect have the ability to grasp it.

“Ah? But Jia Sha is obviously just a priest.”

“So, what your saying is he is not a simple priest, that his future is not limited to that. I guess we can regard him as a quasi-bishop.

During the journey, talk pertaining to Jia Sha did not stop.

Like Jia Sha said, his camp was not far off. It was small, simple, and crude.

After all, they only had six people.

The ground was scalding, however in the small camp, it didn’t even feel hot.

“This is the divine spell——shelter.” Zhen Jin said to himself, although he had lost most of his memories, his general knowledge was not lacking.

Shelter could build a suitable recuperation site.

“Wait a moment everyone.” Jia Sha wore a smile, shortly after he held the holy insignia, lowered his head, and began to silently pray.

After a moment, a holy light dropped from the sky. After it hit the ground, the pure white light gradually disappeared, it seemed to seep into the environment.

Many people cried out in surprise.

They sensed the sudden changes in the environment, and after a split second, the torrid heat retreated.

It was still the divine spell shelter, however the divine spell this time had ten times the range.

Of course, this divine spell did not simply modify the temperature, allies that rested here also got other benefits, such as an accelerated recovery speed, increasing the effects of sleep and food, and other advantages. As for how strong these effects were, it usually depended on the prayer’s power.

After everyone settled down for the time being, Jia Sha invited Zhen Jin over for a chat.

With a complex mood, Zhen Jin entered his tent.

On the one hand, he was very apprehensive. He pretended to be a divine scion knight, when in fact it was his core producing the transformations. He repeatedly faked the god’s decree to raise morale, although his original intentions were good, the nature of his actions were still extremely vile.

On the other hand, Zhen Jin also felt Jia Sha was cordial and reliable. As a templar knight, Zhen Jin fought for his god, while as a priest, Jia Sha announced his god’s words and expanded his religion.

When a templar knight regiment fought, there was a chaplain, priest, or bishop accompanying it. During a battle, they would use divine spells in the backlines, providing immense aid to the templar knights.

At the same time ordinary people gave more preferential treatment to chaplains, priests, and bishops of the Sheng Ming than to templar knights.

“He really is one of us!”

“Should I tell Jia Sha about the core?”

Ultimately, Zhen Jin basically informed Jia Sha of everything he had experienced during his journey, however he still concealed the core.

“These were all the people I could save. Priest, my abilities were very limited.” Zhen Jin felt incomparable shame.

Jia Sha shook his head, caressed Zhen Jin’s shoulder, and with a gentleness and admiration, he said: “Child, you did your best, you have already achieved your limits. You continuously abided by the knightly principles, was fearlessly heroic, protected the weak, and forgave others. Personal cultivation is simply a shallow aspect of us, because we serve the gods. Perhaps your strength is weak for the time being, however, your spirit is formidable and full of light. In this aspect, you have surpassed the majority of templar knights.”

“Now, tell me more about beastification.”

“Your former comrades suddenly went crazy, completely lost their rationality, and even when they died, they still retained the traits of beastification?”

Jia Sha was clearly interested in this.

Zhen Jin’s heart thumped, he concealed the core, but not the beastification.

Because he was unable to hide it.

Zhen Jin had no choice but to repeat what he knew again, to the best of his abilities.

“If we had a priest present, none of us would have died from beastification.” Zhen Jin sighed ruefully.

But Jia Sha shook his head and deeply sighed: “My abilities are finite; I am incapable of purifying them. Your conjectures are very fascinating and are reasonable. Maybe this island really is a breeding ground, although you all survived, perhaps you were also stricken, maybe the beastification is still in your bodies.”

Zhen Jin pursed his brows: “Don’t tell me Lord Priest, you are incapable of purifying us?”

“Of course, I cannot. According to my guess, the island master is indeed at the legend rank.”

“My Lord, you know the island master’s identity?”

Jia Sha nodded: “Before I was uncertain, but after learning about the beastification, I am certain.”