Chapter 152: Crazy Beastification

Charge charge charge!

Zhen Jin directly attacked the magic beast corps’ rear; his bitter and decisive grandeur frightened the magic beasts around him.

“Bark bark bark!”

Under the blue dog fox wolves’ orders, a great number of magic beasts surrounded and pursued Zhen Jin.

On the spot, Zhen Jin dodged a crocodile head hammer tail boa’s bite, and brushed past a monkey tail brown bear, all while swinging his sword to split a bat monkey into two.

He suddenly jumped onto a strong life white rhinoceros’ back, rolled to the ground, and continued his assault!

When the flying squirrels attacked, he bellowed, causing them to fall to the ground and howl incessantly.

A subterranean sandworm struck from underground, however Zhen Jin’s ultrasound already detected it, allowing him to get out of the way in advance.

From a high altitude, the magic beast corps looked like a huge wave, yet Zhen Jin, a lone human, sailed against the current!

The blue dog fox wolves did not panic, Zong Ge and the others did not know Zhen Jin’s identity, but they already guessed it. After all, Zhen Jin harassed them almost every night, his scorpion carapace and fighting style had clear characteristics.

By the time Zhen Jin charged halfway to them, the assembled blue dog fox wolves suddenly scattered, only one was left behind.

“Bark bark bark!”

Getting the new order, half the magic beast corps launched an assault on the ship, Zong Ge, and the others!

For an unknown reason, these blue dog fox wolves hated the survivors, they would never give up on exterminating them.

The remaining blue dog fox wolf still commanded a lot of magic beasts that consumed Zhen Jin’s stamina. It was the fearless position of “I dare you to kill me”!

Zhen Jin was unafraid to sacrifice his life, however the blue dog fox wolves also did not fear sacrifice either.

The blue dog fox wolves’ tactic was clear-cut——

I indeed cannot deal with or catch you Zhen Jin. But even if one or more blue dog fox wolf dies, you will certainly lose more people, excluding you Zhen Jin, everyone else will die in battle!

Outside of killing these people and destroying the ship, we will continue to tire you out. Regardless of whether you escape or kill the magic beast corps, you will never leave this island, your end is already preordained!!

Zhen Jin’s heart suddenly sank, seeing the blue dog fox wolves’ tactic, the thing he was most afraid of happened.

Unbroken howls could be heard behind him, and Zhen Jin couldn’t help but turn around, he angrily stared at Zong Ge’s and the others’ situation.

Zong Ge was covered in blood, while Tripleblade, Xi Suo, and others were wounded.

If Zhen Jin returned now, he could save them and stabilize the situation. But it would only be for a time, and in their current state, the survivors could not keep up the defense.

If Zhen Jin did not return, even if he completely transformed, he would only kill one or two blue dog fox wolves, in exchange he would lose his comrades and the new ship, his end would also be ordained.

With the blue dog fox wolves’ intelligence, even if Zhen Jin was strong, he was still bound to lose!

Zhen Jin gazing behind him created a weak point.

The subterranean sandworms attacked together, although Zhen Jin managed to avoid two of them, a third swallowed him, then quickly vanished into the earth.

“Father, hide in the boat!” The giant howled.

“Get on the boat now!!” Zong Ge also shouted.

Originally everyone wanted to protect the ship, however with the anomalous magic beast attack, Zong Ge and the others no longer cared about the future.

Everyone entered the ship, relying on the ship planks and other barriers to temporarily stabilize themselves.

“No!” The boat craftsman mournfully yelled.

The giant was still outside the ship!

Time was too scarce, no one had enough time to remove the boulder crushing the giant’s legs.

The giant immediately suffered as the magic beasts attacked from all sides, his flesh was lacerated and his blood wildly flowed.

He was not martially skilled, at the same time, with the boulder on him and his back to the enemy, he simply had no way of resisting.

“Throw him a blade, let him chop his legs off, then climb up!” Zong Ge shouted as he battled fiercely.

The cruel proposal made the boat craftsman tremble all over.

Although the giant had a giant bloodline, a robust vitality, and a strong recovery ability, cutting off his legs would create an injury he could not recover from.

However, if he didn’t cut his legs off, he would die!

The boat craftsman turned pale, and his hands shuddered, nevertheless he threw the blade.

“Catch it, aim it at your knees, and chop your legs off!!” The boat craftsman yelled at the giant.

Bang bang bang.

Zi Di threw several glass potion bottles, forming a green smoke around the ship. The smoke stopped many magic beasts, however strong magic beasts could still fight in the smoke, beasts like strong life white rhinoceros, monkey tail brown bears, and crocodile head hammer tail boas could still fight freely.

The giant howled miserably, he chopped off his legs.

As the blood flowed, he was able to escape and recover his freedom.

He frantically swung the iron blade around him and temporarily forced back the magic beasts around him, then he dragged his body with his hands and climbed onto the ship.

“Get up quickly!” The boat craftsman leaned out and reached to the giant, despite knowing his inadequate strength, he wanted to pull the giant in.

But the giant did not crawl onto the ship.

He looked up and smirked at the boat craftsman.

He threw away the iron blade, then with his chest and hands, he began to do his utmost to push the ship: “Father, leave now!”

A few bat monkeys pounced on him, biting into his shoulder and back.

But the pain they produced was only a mere trifle, the most pain the giant felt was from his legs.

The unbearable pain caused the giant to nearly faint, however he still pressed his stumped legs onto the ground to support his body.

Regardless of injuries or pain, all of it was unimportant……

As long as father survives, as long as father survives, it would be fine!!

“Ahhhh——!” The giant frantically roared.

As he pushed with all his might, the ship began to move. At first only an iota, then a centimeter, then two centimeters, as speed gradually built up, it became faster.

“How is the ship moving?!” Someone shouted with bewilderment.

“The giant……” Many eyes flushed.

“Son, my son!” The boat craftsman was in a lot of pain, “Come up for your father, give me your hand now, climb up now! Do what you are told, listen to your father!!”

The giant no longer spoke, he buried his head and didn’t dare look at the boat craftsman.

He pressed his forehead onto the boat, contributing its force into more velocity.

His heart apologized to the boat craftsman: “Sorry father, sorry, for once……I will not listen to you!”

Seeing the giant not resist, nearly all the magic beasts piled onto him, brutally tearing him up.

The giant instead, sensed his pain was decreasing.

As a matter of fact, this was a dangerous omen.

When the human body suffered too much pain and was in mortal danger, the brain would stop using pain to warn the person. Because too much pain would interfere and hinder the person from saving themselves.

The giant did not want to save himself.

Step by step, he pushed the ship across the ground.

He only wanted to protect his father and send him off to sea!

Everyone on the boat was strongly affected.

The ship bumped into all kinds of rocks and stones, but as long as it strived ahead, it would break through all obstacles and go onto the sliding track.

Before all this, the sliding track had been repaired by the maintenance team and reinforced against earthquakes.

With its speed, as long as it went onto the sliding track, it was very likely the ship would enter the sea!

As long as it entered the sea, the magic beast corps couldn’t threaten their lives.

“Come up now for your father……” The boat craftsman’s cheeks were streaming with tears, he was in extreme pain.

The giant’s strength was used up.

His injuries were too heavy, he had lost too much blood.

A boulder tripped him, causing him to fall to the ground and break his head.

Magic beasts instantly flooded around him.

“Push again.” Hei Juan desperately shouted when the ship slowed down, “Do you want your father to survive?”

The giant dizzily lied on the ground, but when he hears those words, he lifted his mangled hands to the ship planks.


The giant couldn’t stand, but he still wanted to push the ship.

The hearts of many were beating wildly.

While resisting the beast tide, they gazed at what lay ahead of the ship.

It was the final obstruction remaining!

“No, Lord Zhen Jin still hasn’t returned.” Zi Di yelled.

“He will return, we need to leave first, we cannot trouble him!” Hei Juan shouted.

“No!!!” At that moment, the boat craftsman suddenly yelled and jumped from the ship.

He crazily brandisheda long wooden log and actually managed to drive off the magic beasts on the giant.

“You don’t want to live?!” Someone next to him glared, he wanted to grab the boat craftsman, but wasn’t able to do so in time.

“Father!” Seeing the boat craftsman jump down and come to his side, the giant used the last of his energy to protect the boat craftsman with his arms.

“Persevere son, you are leaving with your father!” Just as the boat craftsman finished yelling, a blade spider craftily charged in, dodged the giant’s arms, and stabbed the boat craftsman’s chest.

The boat craftsman shook violently, scarlet blood contaminated his clothes, and all of his strength flowed out of his wound.

“Father!” The giant mournfully screamed.

Finally seeing an opportunity, Zong Ge jumped off and crushed

But upon seeing the boat craftsman’s injuries, his heart sank to the bottom.

This was a fatal wound; nothing could be done.

“Get on the boat, I will be right behind you.” Zong Ge roared at the giant.

But the giant stupidly looked at the boat craftsman, he turned a deaf ear to Zong Ge.

“Push it now you damned idiot.” Hei Juan urged the giant.

The giant suddenly got up.

Disregarding his life, he crawled to the boat craftsman and expelled the magic beasts, he then used his body to protect the boat craftsman, despite many of his wounds cutting to his white bones.

Seeing this, Zong Ge deeply sighed.

He howled to the people on the boat: “Some people need to get off and remove the stones ahead. Another group needs to push the boat!”

But under the circumstances, with a beast tide crowded around the hull, who would carry out such a dangerous assignment?

Only Tripleblade and some mercenaries jumped down, while Zong Ge was busy saving himself.

Bark bark bark!

Sensing their actions, the blue dog fox wolves barked again.

As a result, the beast tide immediately shifted their objective.

They gave up on the boat craftsman and the giant, changing course towards the ship, and attacking Zong Ge and the others.

Potions, do you have any other handy potions?!” Hei Juan shouted to Zi Di.

His eyes were very red, the pressure of death drove him crazy and caused him to lose his normal state of mind.

Zi Di faintly shook her head: “Already used up.”

“Damm it, damm it!” Hei Juan used Silver Lightning to kill a bat monkey and looked down.

Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and the others had bleak futures, don't even mention clearing the obstructions or pushing the ship.

A strong life white rhinoceros charged at a ship, creating a hole in the hull with each charge.

Hei Juan looked around him, he seemed to be at a loss.

People were screaming, the hull was shaking, and the sky was ashy, everything looked like a nightmare.

“Oh, Emperor Sheng Ming, if this is a nightmare, allow me to wake up. I beseech thee!” Hei Juan prayed in his heart.

Pushed to his limit by the immense pressure, his wisdom was about to collapse.


Suddenly, a beast howl made Hei Juan shiver.

He glanced subconsciously.

A beast roared right in front of him, but it was not a pouncing magic beast, rather it came from a person.

However, at the next moment, the person’s hair grew, their body swelled, and their head changed into a tiger head.

“What is going on?!”

Hei Juan’s staring eyes nearly fell to the ground.

Then, he saw the tiger head comrade suddenly counterattack, using their sharp teeth, they immediately bit a monkey tail brown bear to death!

Beast roars echoed in succession.

Not only from the tiger person, but from many others.

They instantly sprouted talons, teeth, tails, and horns.

“What is going on?!” Cang Xu, Zi Di, and the others revealed their extreme shock.

These beast comrades seemed to lose their rationality, they only wanted to kill.

The magic beasts lost their lives one after the other, and even the nearby humans were attacked.

“They're insane.”

“Kill with our comrades!”

“Get out of their way!”

The survivors huddled together and hid in a corner of the ship’s aft house.

They were shocked and suspicious of their beastified comrades’ counterattack.

These beastified people carried out a crazy slaughter, their delirium caused them to disregard their lives, allowing them to slowly rout the magic beasts.

Until now, the human body was weak, even with successful battle qi cultivation increasing the quality of one’s body, there was usually a large disparity when comparing bodies to magic beasts of a similar life level.

But after these humans beastified, their strength, defense, speed, and other attributes completely exceeded the magic beasts!

For the first time in the battle, the magic beast corps’ offensive was obstructed.

The magic beasts around the hull were quickly cleared out as the beastified people continued to charge.

It seemed they dealt with whatever threatened them the most.

Zhen Jin appeared, he had completely transformed underground and beheaded all the sandworms, allowing him to finally escape.

He returned to the frontlines at once and discovered the beastified humans.

At that moment, Zhen Jin was extremely shocked and suspicious.

“How could this be?”

“Don’t tell me they also have cores?!”