Chapter 15: Righteous Crusade.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish morphed to become longer and narrower.

It had turned into a sailfish form.

Magic power was consumed without hesitation, causing the alchemy ship to speed through the water at 35 knots.

The survivors quickly arrived at Stone Egg Island.

In the magic image, there were three columns of smoke rising from Stone Egg Island.

In the cockpit, the four people saw this with sunken hearts.

Stone Egg Island was not a large island, it only had three fisherman villages, located in the northwest, northeast, and south.

Among them, the southern fishing village was the largest, and had grown from a village to a town.

The burning flames and thick smoke were coming from those three villages.

After increasing its magic power usage, the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s detection ability was amplified greatly to cover the entirety of Stone Egg Island.  

In the cockpit, the magic image extended to every wall.

The young captain and the other looked around, they weren’t focused on the toppled houses, but corpses in the pools of blood.

Some were beheaded, their eyes wide open in the mud.

Some women did not have a thread on them, it was clear that before death they were miserably humiliated.  

There were children bound to trees, their holes filled with bullets and their blood flowing down the bark.

The atmosphere in the cockpit had become heavy.

Zi Di was emotionally hurt.

The young captain’s hands were clenched as fists as he suppressed his heart’s erupting rage.

Zong Ge was sullen.

Cang Xu was still expressionless.

Suddenly, the image changed, the Deep Sea Monster fish had detected survivors.

“Waa waa waa…”

An infant was wailing in a pit.

He was a few months old, and was the island’s sole survivor.

The young captain’s fearful look faintly changed, revealing a smudge of soft sorrow. He immediately whispered a command, “To the island, we’ll save them.”

No one refused this order.

The young captain’s benevolent integrity was a reason why he was their trusted leader.

Cang Xu then said as the temporary leader, “We must act quickly, the island does not have the Deceptive Disguise magic formation to shield us. Therefore, those in this operation must take along a pearl bubble.”

This suggestion was immediately accepted.

Then, after many days, the survivors planted their feet once again on solid ground.

But this was not Mystifying Monster Island, it was Stone Egg Island.

Despite the fact that the Deep Sea Monster Fish was a gold level magic ship without equal under the heavens, its large hold seemed rather cramped.

After the survivors came ashore, they couldn’t help but cheer in joy.

Some of them even shouted in high spirits.

The big guy was also among them, he rolled about with bouts of giggling. In the Deep Sea Monster Fish, he was often squatting and had to shorten himself, it was very difficult to bear.

The survivors distributed alchemy crossbows and other equipment of excellent quality, then divided themselves into three groups to go to the three fisherman villages.

Their mission was to gather supplies and information.

After three hours, the Deep Sea Monster Fish circled back to the island to pick them up.

The survivors were no longer in fine moods, every one of them had hardened expressions.

“This pirate group has no humanity!”

“The fishermen of Stone Egg Island are to be pitied, not a single one remains.”

“No, I heard there was a male baby that survived. Our captain personally carried it out of the hole in the wall. Alas, I don’t know if he was lucky or unfortunate.”

Just leaving Mystifying Monster Island behind did not mean one was safe.

In the vast ocean, there were many vile places to survive.

The sense of security the gold level Deep Sea Monster Fish gave the survivors had weakened somewhat.

The ocean had many strong beings.

Gods and legends held the apex, saints were the strength, and golds were the backbone.

The survivors didn’t even have a single gold level.

The young captain quietly listened to everyone’s discussion, and he observed his comrade’s expressions with satisfaction.

He deliberately let everyone to come ashore onto the island.

His objective had already been achieved.

External pressure contributed to deepening the unity between them.

Zong Ge shared his investigation results, “From the three ruined fishing villages there were traces of roughly 300 pirates. Most of them are ordinary. I cannot discern how many bronze levels there are, but there are at least two iron levels. One uses a lash, and the other is skilled at kicking.”  

“Their leader is a silver level battle qi user, an expert at claw attacks.”

The half beastman’s rich combat experience allowed him to acquire this information from these traces.

“Strange.” Lan Zao was doubtful, “A silver level, two iron levels, and 300 ordinary people is not a large pirate group. Yet they actually dared to slaughter a village, no the entire island.”

“This kind of action is too arrogant and savage, it will most likely provoke an imperial navy pursuit.”

“What is this pirate group thinking? Perhaps there is a larger backer behind them.”

The survivors were puzzled.

As a veteran sailor, Lan Zao had given voice to everyone’s doubts.

“The three strongest pirate groups in the ocean are the Fire Beard pirate group, the Coloratura Pirate Group, and the Black Devil Pirate Group.”

“These three pirate groups’ leaders are legend level.”

“But the strongest and most influential force is still our imperial navy. The navy marshals as well as the three admirals are also legend level. Our battleship artillery, ammunition, and equipment also outstrip the three pirate groups’.”

“The pirates plunder often, but don’t normally take lives.”

“As long as one surrenders, they will usually only snatch away riches.”

“Only when the blood flag is hoisted will the pirates kill without mercy.”

“The reason is simple, pirates also don’t like risking too much. As far as they are concerned, it would be better if the target surrendered willingly, allowed them to effortlessly loot them without a fight.”

“Too many slaughters will attract the imperial navy’s attention and make them dispatch specialized troops to annihilate the offenders.”

“The three largest legendary pirate groups are all afraid of the imperial navy, let alone any other pirate group.”

“What were the pirates who slaughtered this island up to?”

“To do this will most certainly provoke the imperial navy’s retaliation.”

“Although Stone Egg Island has a rather special resource, it is obviously very poor. They would commit this massacre and make an enemy of the imperial navy for such meager wealth.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Someone guessed, “Don’t tell me that this island produced some significant natural treasure?”

“No, if it if was only a jewel to be seized, why would they kill everyone living on the island?”

Another provided their own conjecture, “Perhaps it was a personal grudge. The silver level pirate commander was a vindictive and vengeful character.”

“That’s possible, but if I were a pirate commander, I wouldn’t be so irrational to sacrifice both myself and the pirate group I built up for revenge.”

Pirates were experts in taking stock, they were like crafty oceanic jackals instead of reckless and brutal bison.

“No, not all of the inhabitants were killed.” Zong Ge interrupted, “According to the traces left on the battlefield, many were captured alive.”

“According to the timeline, the pirates looted Stone Egg Island. Then some of the fishermen managed to break out during the slaughter. But after the pirates looted the villages, they took to their ships and pursued them to either kill or capture them.”

Zi Di nodded, “Capturing the fisherman alive is understandable and normal.”

“The slave trade has always been a thriving business.”

“Quality captives usually can sell for a high price.”

The young captain’s heart stirred, “Perhaps among the captives are the relatives of this infant.”

The baby in his embrace was already sleeping.

Despite not having breast milk, they could still easily feed the baby with the alchemy ship’s capable dining hall equipment.

After eating its fill, the baby was sleeping soundly.

The big guy was curled up, his face grinning.

He also was once an infant, one the old boatwright had adopted.

Therefore, he felt a deep sense of familiarity and cherishment with this baby.

“Everyone.” The young captain withdrew his gaze from the baby and to his surroundings, “Rather than guessing at the intent of these pirates, it would be better to pursue them.”

“Our ship is faster, the pirates can’t have gone far, giving us a good chance.”

Everyone went quiet.

None of them thought about doing that.

Zong Ge was the first to object, “It is injudicious to fight just so you can uphold your justice and release your anger.”

“I refuse!”

Despite the half beastman also detesting these pirates, he was also an excellent officer and knew when to give something up.

“Correct. I believe it is more important that we go to Snake Rat Island now.” The goblin, Tripleblade, immediately supported Zong Ge.

Zi Di did not say anything.

Cang Xu muttered to himself, “The leader should not mobilize in anger.”

“However, I support a crusade against these pirates.”

Cang Xu took out a stone from his human leather storage bag.

The stone was palm sized, almost completely round, and looked like a stone egg.

It was Stone Egg Island’s special resource, Soft Heart Stone.

“We need it.”

“This alchemy material is our key to act against the tower spirit.”

“The tower spirit has almost recovered, while President Zi Di is still injured, she cannot face it again.”

“Therefore, we require Soft Heart Stone urgently, our time set aside for it grows ever smaller.”

Cang Xu then said, “We only collected a few from the island, but the pirates stole away all of what was inside the villages’ Soft Heart Stone storehouses.”

Everyone was stunned.

After reacting, they all began to support Cang Xu one after the other.

Zong Ge’s attitude also changed.

Since there was a reason to fight, the half beastman immediately gave several excellent suggestions.

He even speculated what battle skills the pirate commander’s and his two iron level subordinates had based on the marks left behind.

Still in its sailfish shape, the Deep Sea Monster Fish launched its pursuit.

Everyone dispersed based on the young captain’s and Zong Ge’s deployment.

The alchemy cabin.

Cang Xu tapped the egg.

The Soft Heart Stone’s exterior shell was very weak, and was easy to break open. After breaking off a layer of eggshell, the exposed stone heart looked like soft mud.

As time passed, the stone heart would gradually stiffen, but if one continued to break off the rocky shell, the inside of the stone would still be soft.

After removing the eggshell, Cang Xu immediately started to create the alchemy formation while the stone heart was still soft.

He quickly sensed the advantages of the Soft Heart Stone.

It was a sense of many obstructions clearing.

Many hurdles and troubles became flat land to stroll through.


A puff of smoke rose, the alchemy formation had reached 76% completion when it was ruined and completely destroyed.

Cang Xu was expressionless, he was just about to try again when Zi Di floated through a wall and entered the room.

“You didn’t suggest suppressing the pirates simply because you wanted the Soft Heart Stone?” Zi Di bluntly asked.

Cang Xu raised an eyebrow as he calmly gazed at the ghost girl.

Zi Di continued, “After we went ashore, I happened to see you attempting to gather the souls of those dead fishermen.”

Cang Xu nodded, “It was only natural.”

“I am a necromancer. After successfully casting the Soul Summoning spell, every ghost it brings is useful to me.”

“You have my entire necromancy inheritance, you also know obtaining souls is not an easy affair.”

“Soon after people die, the soul will be received by the god they believe in.”

“Occasionally they won’t be collected and will dissipate soon after.”

“I only gathered three human souls on Stone Egg Island. The best time to gather human souls is the moment they die.”

Zi Di’s tone was downcast, “Do you know the consequences of doing this?”

If this was revealed, it would cause an uproar in the harmony of the group.

At the time, during the sunfish’s attack on the Deep Sea Monster Fish, the situation had been very urgent. Yet when Cang Xu had suggested that he gather a human soul, the young captain had sank into a predicament and didn’t immediately accept his proposal.

A necromancer putting their hands on human souls was like a cannibal putting their hands on a human’s body.

Who wouldn’t be frightened, who wouldn’t target and discriminate against such a person?

When confronted with Zi Di’s question, Cang Xu nodded and responded sincerely, “Naturally.”  

“I have to do this, Miss Zi Di.”

“Even if I had abundant Soft Heart Stone, I still might not succeed in building this alchemy formation.”

Cang Xu’s gaze swept over the failed alchemy formation and forced a smile, “I have no expectations in my innate alchemy skill.”

“However, without the alchemy formation, we cannot deceive the tower spirit, and will be forced to attack it again.”

“You cannot fight it again.”

“Up to now, only 30% of your injuries have healed.

“When the time comes, the more intelligent human souls will be the best weapons against the tower spirit.”

“Otherwise, the tower spirit will destroy War Merchant’s data, an unimaginable loss!”

Zi Di clenched her teeth, “I understand. However, if you do it like this, I fear the captain will find it hard to forgive you.”

“If the others find out, who will trust you?”

“That is the reason why you must help me, President Zi Di.” Cang Xu directly requested, “After we suppress the pirates, I will collect their souls, and I will need you to cover for me.”

“Do you want to drag me down with you?” Zi Di scowled.

“No.” Cang Xu sighed, “President Zi Di, don’t tell you don’t realize your own situation?”

“You’re already down under.”

“You are already dead, a ghost. As time passes, you will be more seriously eroded by negative energy.”

“You should already be experiencing the ‘hunger’, the ghostly instinct to consume.”

“On Stone Egg Island, you smelled delicious food, and so looked for any human souls still around.”

“That is why you happened to see me collecting souls.”  

“Isn’t that right?”

Zi Di’s expression changed, “You!”

Cang Xu remained expressionless as he gazed deep into her, “This is not a threat, President Zi Di. I only want to say that we are on the same side.”

“Especially on the topic of human souls, we are of a different opinion than the captain.”

“But on some matters, if we don’t do anything, who will?”  

“The captain is our leader, we cannot pollute him with our shadows and sins.”

“We must not make thinks difficult for him.”

“By harvesting human souls, we can deal with the tower spirit with sufficient certainty.”

“Thus, we can preserve War Merchant’s data, preserve our wealth.”

“Perhaps there is a revival method inside?”

Zi Di was silent.

It was only after a long time that she responded, “Fine, I…will help you.”