Chapter 147: One Man Wipes Out an Army

The young Zong Ge opened his eyes.

His fuzzy field of view became clear and caught sight of the fine floor tile, the pain in his body made him recall what had happened.

His half siblings ganged up and beat him unconscious.

Silent tears flowed from his eyes.

Despair, anger, hatred, doubt, and all sorts of emotions flooded the young Zong Ge, he curled up and sobbed quietly and convulsively.

Suddenly footsteps could be heard, stopping finally in front of Zong Ge.

In Zong Ge’s tearstained field of view, he saw a pair of indistinct boots.

“Sigh.” The owner of the boots deeply sighed.

Just the sigh allowed Zong Ge to realize the person’s identity.

The next moment, the man pulled him to his feet.

“Teacher……” Zong Ge helplessly called.

The teacher gazed at him, he did not hug the young Zong Ge, instead he gave him a sword.

“Continue training the sword.” The teacher stated.

Hu, hu, hu……

The middle aged Zong Ge’s feet were as broad as his shoulders, with his hand holding onto the bone hammer’s handle, constantly swung vertically down.

This was one of the most basic movements of swordsmanship.

Zong Ge acted strictly according to his training.

The heavy bone hammer in his hands was as light as rice straw.

What would have made that swordsmanship master more moved, was each of his movements seemed to be the same, neither the angle nor speed, from top to bottom, varied in the slightest.

Swinging three hundred times already made the strong half beastman sweat profusely. Because his long brown hair was sweaty, it stuck to his forehead.

The banquet had finished long ago.

The late night did not have wind or the moon.

At this moment, Zong Ge was standing at the edge of the temporary camp, behind him was bright bonfires and in front of him was the serene rainforest.

Hearing “one of us” from Zhen Jin’s mouth made Zong Ge recall the past, under his silent expression, was a jittery heart.

Whenever this happened, Zong Ge would train the sword.

As long as it involved swordsmanship, even if it were the most basic movements, it could alter his heart, allow him to focus his attention, and get rid of many feelings.

Zong Ge’s restless mood gradually became serene.

The uninteresting sword movements, to him, was actually almost entertaining.

“One of us?”

“It is only the circumstances forcing us together, nothing more.”

Zong Ge sighed bitterly as he stopped and leaned on his hammer,

But at the next moment, his ears slightly trembled and his complexion abruptly changed.

In the distance, he seemed to hear a wolf howl.

One night later.

After Zong Ge informed him, Zhen Jin personally led a team to investigate.

Five kilometers from the ravine, Zhen Jin and the others found a large area full of messy beast tracks.

“There are monkey tail brown bear paw prints, strong life white rhinoceros footprints, and crocodile head hammer tail boa snake trails……this undoubtedly confirmed this is a magic beast corps!”

Zhen Jin’s heart sank.

Continuing to investigate, the results were more serious than his expectations.

There was a corps in the northwest and the southwest, two magic beast corps.

The third magic beast corps wandered at the edge of the ravine control perimeter; it did not penetrate too deeply.

Returning with the information, all of the higher ups had heavy expressions.

“There are at least three blue dog fox wolves coveting our camp!”

“Is it just one magic beast corps, but split up by the blue dog fox wolf to mislead us?”

“No, the scale of the corps that attacked the camp is definitely the blue dog fox wolf’s control limit. The beast group left behind different kinds of tracks. Besides, making these beasts pretend to leave traces is very difficult. After all, the blue dog fox wolf is extraordinary.”

“Since these magic beast corps deliberately don’t approach the camp, it proves they have already discovered us. The reason they aren’t attacking now, must be because they are still growing their power!”

“It might be that blue dog fox wolf who had been tailing behind us, it must have called more of its comrades!”

The situation became terrible.

Everyone had to build the ship while defending against the magic beast corps.

With the blue dog fox wolves commanding the magic beast corps, it was comparable to having ten times the beast groups attacking!

More discouraging, the volcano was still erupting, the island seemed to be in the middle of some dramatic change. If the ship was built too late, everyone might be buried on this island.

The higher ups discussed how to respond; they had dealt with magic beast corps before.

But regardless of how ingenious a method was, someone had to implement it. If manpower was transferred, shipbuilding would slow down.

No one wanted to see this, but nothing could be done about it.

“No, I have a method!” Zhen Jin’s heart said, but his mouth did not speak.

Fortifications started to be built and strengthened, and when everyone was sleeping at night, Zhen Jin began to move.

After transforming into a bat monkey, he quickly traveled through the rainforest.

His ultrasound finally detected a magic beast corps.

The bat monkey Zhen Jin rapidly flew to a higher altitude.

In the sky, he saw the blue dog fox wolf settled in the middle of the corps, heavy layers of protection safeguarding it.

The next moment, Zhen Jin activated the core and transformed.

The red light radiated in the air, the bat monkey form soon dissipated, and was replaced with a crocodile head hammer tail boa Zhen Jin!

The crocodile head hammer tail boa Zhen Jin did not have wings nor a way to stay suspended in the air, moreover his body was fatter than an ordinary crocodile head hammer tail boa.

Zhen Jin immediately fell from a high altitude!

The magic beast corps naturally also had bat monkeys, at first they were not vigilant against Zhen Jin, but when the crocodile head hammer tail boa Zhen Jin fell from the air, the bat monkeys together screeched in alarm.

Just as the blue dog fox wolf reacted, rumble, the crocodile head hammer tail boa Zhen Jin smashed into the floor.

Thick trees collapsed and were crushed under his weight, along with many unlucky magic beasts.

A crocodile head hammer tail boa was covered in crocodile skin, it displayed formidable defensive abilities. But just relying on the skin was insufficient, there was also a thick layer of fat under the skin.

This fat was not something crocodile head hammer tai boas possessed, instead it came from the subterranean sandworm.

When Zhen Jin killed the subterranean sandworm, he naturally converted some of it secretly. Although he could not transform into a complete form, its thick fat was now one of his transformation choices.

The fat fiercely trembled, offsetting the opposite reaction of the ground.

The blue dog fox wolf jumped back, then suddenly; Zhen Jin’s figure quickly approached the blue dog fox wolf. Soon after, he extended his head and opened his crocodile mouth in a lightning surprise attack, biting the blue dog fox wolf.

The blue dog fox wolf attempted to how, but at that moment, a large amount of acid bubbled from Zhen Jin’s throat.

The flowing acid choked the blue dog fox wolf, forcing it to cough.

It frantically scratched, its hind legs constantly pawing at the ground. Unfortunately, at that moment, Zhen Jin had already raised his snake body, lifting the blue dog fox wolf into the air, despite its hind legs’ best efforts.

Soon after, four blood threads formed in Zhen Jin’s mouth and tied up the blue dog fox wolf.

As the blood threads permeated the blue dog fox wolf, the magic beast corps crazily attacked from all sides.

The quickest act were not the monkey tail brown bears or strong life white rhinoceros near Zhen Jin, but the flying squirrels.

A great amount of flying squirrels.

But Zhen Jin had foreseen this, although he was in a crocodile head hammer tail boa form, he could still use a silver level bat monkey’s sound wave attack.

Upon suffering the sound wave attack, the flying squirrels immediately sprawled out on their backs and fell to the ground, they were no longer a threat.

The two strong life white rhinoceros charged over; Zhen Jin did not have enough time to avoid them. He was not skilled enough with the crocodile head hammer tail boa form, even if he made evasive maneuvers, it was unlikely he would dodge them.

Therefore, he simply did not dodge, rather he transformed the crocodile skin into a scorpion carapace.

The strong life white rhinoceros ferociously rammed the scorpion carapace, although they did not break the carapace, the power of their immense strength was still transmitted.

The fat under the scorpion carapace once again damped the blow, it violently fluctuated and dispersed the force, perfectly ready to take on the next charge.

Meanwhile, red light sparkled in Zhen Jin’s mouth, converting and absorbing the blue dog fox wolf, reducing the latter into a pile of carbon ash.

Killing the blue dog fox wolf greatly roused Zhen Jin’s spirit. Having a blue dog fox wolf and not having one were two completely different situations!

The perfume’s effects still persisted.

After helplessly watching the murder of their commander, the magic beasts sank into insurrection, allowing Zhen Jin to launch a crazy offensive.

Some of the magic beasts were better off. The monkey tail brown bears, with their crucial red talons, could penetrate the scorpion carapace and roast the fat, producing a nice food-like fragrance.

Zhen Jin rolled on the spot and crushed a path out. Red light glittered, he dissipated the huge crocodile head hammer tail boa form and transformed into a silver level bat monkey again, allowing him to fly into the sky.

All of the bat monkeys chased after him, while the other beast could only snarl powerlessly from the ground.

Zhen Jin soared through the sky with great speed, only two silver level bat monkeys could barely keep up with him.

Zhen Jin suddenly turned around and attacked the silver level bat monkeys.

He transformed a lizard head, but with spider mouthparts.

Two balls of milky white spider webs sprayed out at the two silver level bat monkeys, binding their wings.

The silver level bat monkeys screeched as they fell to the ground.

The other bat monkeys extended a helping hand, catching their leaders in the air.

But this was all Zhen Jin’s plot.

Holding the height advantage, he constantly sprayed spider webs at the bat monkeys.

Quickly, only Zhen Jin remained in the air.

Without bat monkeys tangling him up, Zhen Jin began to spray acid.

The magic beasts could only roar and shout, but they could not touch Zhen Jin. The acid killed ordinary beasts and bronze level magic beasts, while seriously injuring iron level magic beasts.

Fighting this way for a good while, Zhen Jin consumed most of his magic core’s magic reserves, while the entire magic beast corps he tormented was extremely exhausted.

“It is time!” Seeing his opportunity, Zhen Jin flew down and transformed into a monkey tail brown bear.

He immediately fell on a strong life white rhinoceros.

His bear claws directly pierced the strong live white rhinoceros’ skull, then his fingernails transformed into spider blades, allowing him to penetrate its brains, in addition, at the tip of each blade was a bee stinger.

Another strong life white rhinoceros charged over, at the same time, a crocodile head hammer tail boa attacked Zhen Jin from behind.

Zhen Jin instantly transformed into a silver level flying squirrel, and shot out light lightning, successfully avoiding its attack.

The strong life white rhinoceros and crocodile head hammer tail boa collided into each other.

Zhen Jin immediately crashed into a monkey tail brown bear; he then took advantage of its slow reactions to unleash a strong electrical shock.


The monkey tail brown bear collapsed, smoke fuming all over its body.

Like the strong life white rhinoceros, that attack directly killed it, there was no chance of it coming back to life.

But that kind of electrical shock consumed the most magic. Following that, Zhen Jin no longer attacked in such a way.

Even without using the electrical shock, he still beat the magic beast corps into chaos,

Without a blue dog fox wolf, and with the limited intelligence of these magic beasts, Zhen Jin could move how he wished, the idea of a formation basically did not exist. Many of their attacks even struck their comrades' bodies.

The most crucial aspect was Zhen Jin’s strong transformations.

For a long time now, he had bitterly and relentlessly trained, accumulated many achievements and made remarkable progress in many aspects. For example, Zhen Jin could never transform so quickly in a fierce battle, but now he could do it smoothly.

Before battling this magic beast corps, Zhen Jin lacked a chance to thoroughly test himself.

Now an opportunity has arrived!

“Rejuvenated! Extremely rejuvenated!!” The more Zhen Jin battled, the more his blood raced.

To start off, he used all kinds of magic beasts forms he was not proficient with, especially mutual transformations between magic beast forms.

But during the fierce battle, he became increasingly proficient and calm.

Many movements did not flow during daily training. But under attacks from all sides and outside pressure, those movements became smoother and easier.

Qualitative changes lead to fundamental changes, Zhen Jin could feel himself becoming stronger!

He was becoming stronger every second!

“A bit stronger!”

“Get even stronger! Zhen Jin’s heart roared.

“Slow, too slow!” He overtook a monkey tail brown bear and chopped off its head with the blade on the back of his hand.

“Weak, too weak!” His foot stamped on a spider web bound bat monkey, the stomp directly killing it.

Corpses were strewn across the ground; blood filled the earth.

Zhen Jin as one man, matched an army and carried out a bloody and brutal slaughter.

The magic beast corps was nearly destroyed, with its remnants beginning to flee in disarray.

Zhen Jin launched a ruthless pursuit.

No magic beast could escape his pursuit.

As the final strong life white rhinoceros collapsed near a small lakeside, Zhen Jin couldn’t help but raise his head in laughter.

“Ha ha ha!” The confusion, depression, and pressure of many days were unburdened and discharged.

The scorpion tail on his buttocks skillfully penetrated the strong life white rhinoceros.

Soon after, the blood threads converted and absorbed the strong life white rhinoceros.

“As it turns out, I am already this strong!”

“What can stop me?”

“Hm? What else?”

“Even if there are many magic beast corps, how can they catch me?”

In a fine mettle, Zhen Jin showed disdain for his environment.

The dark clouds scattered and exposed the moonlight.

At that moment, the entire rainforest became silent, as if it were taking in his ominous prestige.

Zhen Jin swept his eyes around him and suddenly stopped; he saw himself in the lake water.

Presently, he had a long scorpion tail, a lizard head, was covered all over in a scorpion carapace, had a bear body, and had two spider blades growing from his hands.


Zhen Jin stared blankly.

The happiness and surging killing intent in his heart seemed to retreat like the tide.

He looked like a statue.

After a moment, his body trembled, as if reacting.

He slowly drew back until he could no longer see his image in the lake water.