Chapter 143: Nothing

“My Lord, this humble one would like to remind you, President Zi Di’s birthday is the day after tomorrow.” Said Fei She.

“Birthday?” Zhen Jin slightly raised his brows; he did not expect Fei She to say something like this.

Fei She raised his eyebrows and sighed: “Long ago, I followed the former President and left my former life to pursue success. I watched Miss Zi Di’s birth, first steps, and her gradual growth to adulthood.”

“In the past, Zi Di was the pearl in the President’s palm, he loved and indulged her. As long as it was Miss Zi Di’s birthday, he would always hold a birthday banquet for her, regardless of the scope. In fact, in the wake of the Wisteria Merchant Alliance’s growth and the older Miss Zi Di got, the larger her birthday banquets got.”

“I still remember, during Miss Zi Di’s 11th birthday, the entirety of Garden City was a merry ocean, even Garden City’s Lord personally presented his blessings. That was during the Wisteria Merchant Alliance’s greatest golden age.”

“The old President spent a large sum of money for a famous baker to make Miss Zi Di’s birthday cake. The cake reached 11 layers and dazzling colors, it looked like a rainbow. Its ingredients used many valuable magical materials, eating it could make people feel happy and taste the sweetest flavors of the world. Each cake layer had a different effect. Some could increase magic capacity, some could stimulate the spirit, and some could double the power of physical attacks. Even if that birthday banquet occurred several months in the past, people still enthusiastically discussed that rainbow cake.”

As Fei She spoke of this, his eyes flickered with the light of commemoration.

But quickly, this light died out and Fei She’s tone became serious: “After the old President had an accident, the Wisteria Merchant Alliance also disintegrated, now no one thinks of Miss Zi Di’s birthday banquets.”

“After Miss Zi Di took over as president, we have proposed many times over the last two years to hold a birthday banquet, all were rejected.”

“I think the young lady might be scared of recalling the old President.”

“But things are different now.”

“Lord Zhen Jin, you showed up at Zi Di’s side. You are a templar knight, have god’s deep concern, are the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, and Miss Zi Di’s fiancé. With you, everything will improve, the Wisteria Merchant Alliance’s future will be bright.”

“I think……”

“You don’t need to say anything else.” Zhen Jin deeply breathed, he approached Fei She, clapped the latter’s shoulder, and sincerely thanked him, “Many thanks for your reminder, you speaking was the correct thing to do, I understand what to do. For Zi Di, I will hold a birthday banquet and give her a pleasant surprise. She deserves this from me!”

“That is very good my Lord, many thanks, I am very thankful for your Lordship.” Fei She hastily expressed his gratitude, showing his devotion to the old Wisteria Merchant Alliance President.

Seeing Fei She’s back leave, Zhen Jin sank back into reflection again.

“In recent times, was I too focused on myself? I seemed immersed in my own world and neglected the others at my side.”

“No matter how many troubles I have, how can I ignore those at my side?”

“Me being like this really was a little selfish.”

Because of Fei She’s words, Zhen Jin’s mood and reflecting began to diverge.

“Recalling this entire journey, I woke up and saved Zi Di, then during the fire-poison bee attack, she wanted me to leave her behind.”

“In the monkey tail brown bear cave, I risked my life to fight for her, then she did her best to heal me.”

“When Huang Zao called out for help, she gave me advice. Huang Zao betrayed me and fled alone, thus we faced the ferocious blade spider together.”

“She invented that pink potion that could make a path, helping us record our journey.”

“When we made the mistake of eating that goat meat and suffered magical erosion, she discovered the truth and detoxified everyone. Without her contributions, we would have been trapped and unable to explore.”

“She used a potion to melt a tunnel through the sandstorm and protected many companions. She refined an acidic potion that countered the green lizards surrounding everyone, successfully supporting everyone until I saved them.”

“As we were pursued by the scorpion group and in desperate straits, she still remained at my side. Even though her body cowered as death approached, we never separated.”

“Her potions expelled bat monkeys and dealt with fire-poison bees. If those two threats still existed, more people would have died during the camp battle.”

“Her potions also corroded metal, helping Mu Ban make a steady flow of crossbows. In addition, during the initial stage of shipbuilding, her potions refined a great amount of iron.”

“Without Zi Di, I would not be walking today.”

“Her contributions really were huge, however she never showed off. She actively and was delighted to stand behind me, she set aside the biggest limelight for me, and allowed me to bear the weight of everyone’s adoration and respect.”

“She has always silently supported me, she almost never opposed any of my decisions. The times she had done so, was because she was worried for my safety!”

Zhen Jin constantly thought back, bit by bit, he recalled every interaction between him and Zi Di. shame quickly flourishing in the bottom of his heart.

The young knight had decided, he must hold a birthday banquet, present food, and comfort Zi Di.

Zi Di absolutely deserved this from him.

Her established contributions would also shut anyone up.

However, Zi Di would sense Zhen Jin’s preparations.

She was the current Wisteria Merchant Alliance President, and very astute.

“Don’t do this my Lord. I received your kindly feelings, that is enough.”

“Holding a birthday banquet, that is too inappropriate.”

“Our environment might be hiding a magic beast corps and a terrifying gold level magic beast.”

“Our food reserves are constantly declining, and shipbuilding makes the people work hard, our consumption cannot keep up replenishment.”

“Also alcohol We only have a few bottles of rum, they are not enough to support our passage to the Wilderness Continent.”

Sailing needed alcohol.

Because while sailing in the ocean, it was difficult to obtain potable water. The water stored on board, because of finite storage technology, would become green before too long, with germs and bugs growing inside.

The potable water would smell strange and be hard to swallow, but sailors had no choice but to drink it.

During that time, alcohol was needed.

Alcoholic beverages could mask the strange odor while disinfecting it.

As a result, sailors being drunk sometimes was not odd.

Zi Di would do her utmost to fight against a birthday banquet, even if Zhen Jin was the one justifying and inspiring it. The recent rumors concerning the frightful magic beast already spread throughout the camp, making everyone alarmed and restless.

Zi Di’s attitude of refusal was very firm, this allowed Zhen Jin to understand Zi Di more, while simultaneously making him feel more ashamed.

A notion suddenly appeared in the young knight’s mind—— “Perhaps, I will make a mistake this time. I shouldn’t cover up the truth from her, I should tell her of my transformations.”

“I didn’t want to make her worried at the time, but step by step, it ended up like that.”

“If this continues, I will be more tongue tied, and the misunderstandings will grow deeper!”

“Maybe, I am too prideful.”

“I did not want to make her worried, besides that tenderness, I feel if I don’t tell her, I cannot resolve the magic core in my heart.”

“I believe she can, why is that?”

“For a long time now, Zi Di’s potions helped me and the others many times.”

“Maybe, she doesn’t really have the ability to resolve the core and my transformations. But of everyone at my side, who is the best to receive these facts, accept my ugliness, and forgive my sins? It must be her.”

“It must be her!”

“She is my fiancé!”

Thinking of this, Zhen Jin’s sigh twinkled more and more.

He looked like someone who had found a trace of light in the darkness or a drowning person whose hand grabbed the shore.

His heart was under immense pressure.

Carrying this secret and his sins made it hard for him to face those adoring him, and his respect for everyone.

He wanted to come out.

He wanted to say everything.

He longed for someone to share with, he longed for genuine approval!

“Zi Di, Zi Di……” Zhen Jin tenderly called out in the bottom of his heart.

But his mouth did not say anything.

“I need an opportunity.” The young knight realized.

Day two.

He stayed far from the ravine and crossed the five kilometer control perimeter.

A gigantic beehive was suspended in a tall tree.

This was a fire-poison beehive, Zhen Jin’s ultrasound had unintentionally discovered it.

Before starting, Zhen Jin cautiously inspected around with ultrasound, after ensuring no humans were around, he attacked the fire-poison bees.

He lit a bonfire and used a potion to form soot.

The entire fire-poison beehive came out, and one by one, they were defeated by the soot. After Zhen Jin transformed, the fire-poison bees’ poison could not harm him.

On the night of Zi Di’s birthday, Zhen Jin went to Zi Di’s residence alone.

“Happy birthday Zi Di.” Zhen Jin smiled and brought out a bowl of amber honey from behind him.

Zi Di covered her mouth, startled and pleased.

“Thanks.” She looked up at Zhen Jin, her intonation was filled with deep love and her amethyst eyes brightened.

“Although I don’t have a rainbow cake right now, this honey has a very sweet taste.” Said Zhen Jin.

Nevertheless, Zi Di’s complexion changed: “My Lord, you ate the honey? It’s poisonous!”

“Ah? I, I didn’t taste any poison.”

“Your Lordship probably hasn’t tasted many things. This honey contains the fire-poison’s essence, if the dosage was magnified, even someone at the gold level would be injured.” Zi Di quickly said, she soon blamed herself, “Blame me! I didn’t inform your Lordship of my latest research gains. I remember, the ravine does not have any beehives nearby. My Lord, going on an expedition alone, even with the soot potion, is excessively dangerous.”

“I was willing to risk it for you!” Zhen Jin blurted out.

“My Lord!” Zi Di coldly glanced at Zhen Jin, bashfulness springing up on her face.

“Fine, I admit I was stupid. My actions really were impulsive. From now on, I will pay attention.” Zhen Jin raised his hands in apology.

In fact, he was capable of transforming into a fire-poison bee. With this transformation as a foundation, he was able to sample the honey at his own accord. The fire-poison honey was a product of fire-poison bees, it was definitely harmless to fire-poison bees.

Zhen Jin helplessly put down the honey.

Zi Di walked in front of Zhen Jin and took the young knight’s hand of her own accord.

Speaking of which, this was the first time she had done such a thing.

She deeply gazed into Zhen Jin’s eyes and softly said: “Thank you.”

Zhen Jin shook his head and looked at the bowl of honey, somewhat discouraged.

Zi Di then turned her eyes and suddenly said: “Thank you for the cake.”


“Yes, this big cake is made from harmless honey, did you not see it?” Zi Di released Zhen Jin’s hand, then with both hands, she traced the form of a cake in the air.

Zhen Jin couldn’t help but laugh, he followed along with Zi Di: “Eh, of course I see it. The cake is very big, its many layers resemble a rainbow cake somewhat.”

“No, it only has one layer.” Zi Di shook her head, “It does not resemble a rainbow cake at all. It……is sweeter than a rainbow cake!”

Saying this, Zi Di’s extended her slim index finger and lightly poked the air, as if she was touching the cake cream.

She softly put her finger in her mouth, sucked on it, and narrowed her eyes. Then she showed a joyous expression: “Really sweet!”

“Don’t you want to taste it? She gazed at Zhen Jin.

Zhen shook his head and laughed: “Many thanks for your concern……”

His words were stopped short, because Zi Di poked the air again and put her finger into Zhen Jin’s mouth.

Zhen Jin’s blocked mouth subconsciously sucked Zi Di’s finger.

When Zi Di took out her finger, he could not help but say fondly: “Very sweet……”

With rapt attention, he gazed at the girl’s purple eyes, his heart began to speed up and throb.

“It was really sweet.” The young knight followed with a similar movement he used a finger to touch the air, sucked it, then extended it back into the air, drawing an arc in the air.

“Today is your birthday, please eat a bit more.” Zhen Jin stretched his finger towards Zi Di, his finger seemed to touch a large clump of cream.

“Wow!” Zi Di gave a malicious expression, her small mouth suddenly opened wide and then sucked Zhen Jin’s finger.

“Tasty.” Zi Di mumbled, she mischievously bit Zhen Jin’s finger.

Zhen Jin's rough breathing grew heavy, Zi Di’s face also blushed red, causing the latter to open her mouth at once. With deeper love, Zhen Jin gazed at Zi Di and took a step forward.

Thus, the two people were only a hand length from each other.

The cliff cave’s ambience became charming and gentle.

Zhen Jin deeply breathed and slightly bit his teeth: “Zi Di, I have something……”


At that moment, a noisy disturbance suddenly happened outside the cave.

“He’s gone mad!”

“The idiot has gone mad!!”

“Run, he will kill us.”

Zhen Jin’s and Zi Di’s complexion abruptly changed, and they immediately rushed out of the cave.

Zhen Jin was faster and came to the ravine clearing first.

He saw the giant crazily roar with red eyes and his hand frantically waving a broken mast all around him. Some people did not have time to escape and were lying on the ground, some were lying in a pool of blood and some were groaning miserably.

“My Lord, come save us!” Another group of people was trapped in a corner, when they saw Zhen Jin, they promptly called out for help.

The cry for help provoked the giant, the broken mast in his hand ruthlessly swung at those people.

But at that moment, Zong Ge rushed over and smashed the mast with his bone hammer.

Zhen Jin sped up like an arrow and charged at the giant.

The giant slapped his chest, bellowed, and flew at Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin was a martial master, by simply moving a little, he dodged the giant’s strike and jumped onto the latter’s back.

Zhen Jin slapped the giant’s neck, causing the giant’s eyes to roll back and fall unconscious on the spot.

“Saved!” The survivors cheered.

“Kill him, kill that monster!!” Hatred and anger quickly crammed everyone’s heart.

The wounded and untouched people were unanimous.

“No, don’t! I beseech everyone, consider my contributions and spare him.” The boat craftsman loudly appealed with fright plastered across his entire face.

“Can you see? Those are the good deeds of your son!”

“We have worked on that for at least a week.”

“That is not the crux of it! He is too dangerous, when he became mad on the boat, we trembled in fear.”

“Who knows when this illness will repeat itself? It's too dreadful! He is an enormous hidden danger.”

“You see how much he eats every day? Without him, it is unlikely our supplies will become scarce.”

“Kill him!”

“Don’t kill him while he is on the ground, after all he was our comrade. We can expel and exile him.”

Everyone’s tongue was wagging, all of them wanted to punish the giant.

“Enough!” Zhen Jin shouted, his face seemed submerged in water, “He is our comrade, previously and currently!”

“He has an illness, we know. The boat craftsman informed us earlier.”

“He indeed caused harm; however we can rejoice that none of us died. He destroyed a lot of ship equipment and ate a lot of food, but his contribution far surpasses his demands!”

“Why could he remain on the ship and live together with people for many years? This proves coexisting with him is realizable.”

“Why can’t we do that?”

“I will never rashly abandon any person, let alone a sick person!”

“He is not a monster!”

“He is not!!”

“He is our comrade……a sick comrade. None of this was his intention.”

Zhen Jin shouted loudly; he had never displayed such a strict attitude.

Everyone was intimidated by him; the entire audience was completely silent.

At this moment, Zi Di caught up, this eased Zhen Jin’s complexion somewhat. Then he assigned everyone to clean up the area, fix up the damages, and attend to the wounded, this naturally included the giant.

Dealing with this properly took several hours.

Afterwards, only Zhen Jin and Zi Di were left, the two were walking side by side.

“I do not know where to start with the giant’s illness.” Zi Di said with worry, “I am not a doctor, in fact the boat craftsman actually said, he always tried to treat the giant’s illness, however every doctor was unable to help. The boat craftsman even spent a large sum of money to hire a chaplain to treat the giant with a divine spell.”

“We must consider this hidden threat. If, when the ship is mostly built, the giant suddenly went mad again, he would cause inconceivable damage.”

Zhen Jin remained silent late into the night.

Near their residences, the two people parted ways.

“Oh that’s right, my Lord, beforehand……what did you want to talk to me about?” Zi Di asked.

Zhen Jin stopped walking and slowly turned around. The corner of his mouth twitched into a smile, then he opened his mouth.