Chapter 137: I am a Prestigious Leader

Every person’s gaze concentrated on Zhen Jin.

Dense curiosity, suspicion, and other emotions flowed out from their eyes.

Zhen Jin’s snow white skin and blonde hair gave him a very handsome appearance.

Judging from the outside, it was clear he hadn’t lived long, he looked like a fifteen or sixteen year old, but no one scorned him.

Although Zhen Jin’s leather armor was a slipshod work, it was obviously made from a magic beast.

Those with the eyesight also observed the rapier at his side, from the sheath, one knew the rapier was not an ordinary weapon.

Zhen Jin tightly pursed his lips and did his best to appear prestigious. All kinds of risks and powers made his body disseminate calmness, steadiness, strength, and other unique temperaments, all of which were at odds with his young fleece.

More importantly, as he walked ahead, a group of people followed from behind.


Those following close behind included a spirited Lan Zao, the steel armored half beastman Zong Ge, Zi Di wearing a magic gown, the sailor leader Xi Suo, and the giant……

Past tribulations made these people reveal a different mentality, they resemble a dark glossy reef that had endured the beatings of ocean waves.

These people were the elites. Crowding around Zhen Jin made it clear he was their leader, who must be even more extraordinary!

Without saying a word, everyone subconsciously stepped out of Zhen Jin’s way.

This ravine was a piece of open land and had high rocky outcrops around it, a natural tower.

Under a thousand staring eyes, Zhen Jin climbed onto the tallest rocky outcrop. He put his hand on his sword hilt and overlooked everyone with a tranquil gaze.

Those following him, Cang Xu, Zi Di, Zong Ge, Lan Zao, and others, stood on lower rocky outcrops.

Everyone was silent, only the sounds of footsteps, or the friction of clothing or armor could be heard.

As Zhen Jin’s party stood up, the open area sank into a peaceful and silent state.

Lan Zao stood on the second highest rock and loudly proclaimed: “Listen with open ears! What stands before you is my master——Lord Zhen Jin. He is the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, a noble templar divine scion knight, and White Sand City’s inevitable future lord!”

Noble, city lord, templar knight, divine scion knight!

Each and every title was like a bomb being thrown in everyone's heart, lifting gigantic waves within each of them.

Without Lan Zao ordering them, everyone bowed and curtsied to Zhen Jin.

Generally speaking in normal times, besides a slave doing it to a master, the amount of times people would get on both knees and kowtow, was few.

When commoners paid respects to a noble, or a lesser noble paid respects to a greater noble, they would curtsy to them.

When saluting, one had to bow one’s head and stoop. Based on the differences between both parties, the level of bowing and stooping would change. If one did not stoop low enough, they would be punished.

At that very moment, almost everyone deeply lowered their heads and arched their backs greatly.

Everyone had different expressions, including shock, joy, and doubt.

Was there really such a big player hidden on their boat?

Zhen Jin looked around, his keen sight finding many stealing a glance at him.

This kind of behavior was uncustomary.

But Zhen Jin was unsurprised——these were people that actively wanted to fight in the war that would break out on the Wilderness Continent, who were they? The absolute majority of them were speculators, criminals, ambitious families, and other deviants.

Despite seeing uncustomary behavior, the people did not call Zhen Jin’s identity into question or show any noncompliance.

They were the weakest and had meager battle strength, although they were numerous, they were essentially a mob.

Seeing everyone salute, Zhen Jin slowly opened his mouth, his voice echoing all around.

“Regardless of whether it is the mountains, ocean, swamps, or island, my master’s holy light shines over it all. The imperial flag flies eternally in the wind and will never fall!”

“Nothing can obstruct my path. I will gain glory, and by following me, it will be your glory too.”

“Beginning now, this place follows my commands.”

“Any objections?”

Not a single voice could be heard.

Zhen Jin gave a satisfied nod.

Including Zi Di, the looks of many people changed. In the past, the young knight never had such boldness and such a majestic presence.

Zong Ge’s face was blank, he observed the general situation and knew the group needed a voice. It would also be if it were the voice of a single individual. If that happened, everyone could mobilize and react faster.

Regarding Zhen Jin’s abilities, Zong Ge still trusted them.

Next, Zhen Jin began to assign residences.

The ravine had many different sized caves, they were not from monkey tail brown bears, but naturally formed.

Many of the original people living in them were driven out.

The biggest and brightest cave, of course, was set aside for Zhen Jin.

Apart from this, Zhen Jin assigned the better surrounding caves to Zi Di, Cang Xu, Xi Suo, and Zong Ge.

The people driven out were naturally not pleased, but from start to finish, none of them openly protested.

Because in everyone’s eyes, this kind of arrangement was justified.

Those with high positions and strength should enjoy better treatment. Different social classes, and a system that valued the strong and scorned the weak, was prevalent in every race.

The public supply storage also fell under Zhen Jin’s control.

Zhen Jin began to command the people in the ravine and had their supplies brought to the public storehouse.

Following the arrival of Zhen Jin and the others, everyone rested.

The people in the ravine were more vigorous than them.

“This group of people was well off, if they tasted our hardships, they might have cried for their father and mother.”

“Although there is that mysterious murderer, most of the people should still be alive.

“If they walked half as far as us, they would lose their lives.”

“Hey, be careful! That wood needs to be placed gently, don’t ruin it. We moved it here with great difficulty!”

Seeing these people work, the returning members felt a layer of superiority.

When those working saw someone overtly resting, they would shout at them, but even if there were a few complaints, no one was dissatisfied.

“Didn't you see, the strong Zong Ge is at Lord Zhen Jin’s beck and call.

“In addition, Xi Suo and his group also returned. We have the boat craftsman!”

“It seems we have a real hope of leaving this terrible place.”

“They moved so much wood, maybe it's for a new ship.”

“Is it necessary to go through such trouble? Lord Zhen Jin is a big character, perhaps tomorrow his clan reinforcements will come to the island.

No one felt humiliated because of Zhen Jin’s orders, instead they felt very excited and honored.

Zhen Jin was a noble, they had never interacted so intimately with such a big character.

The ravine was noisy, and inside Zhen Jin’s cave, a beauty had arrived.

Que Shan.

She saluted Zhen Jin, bent her waist, and showed her white chest as much as possible. But despite her well-developed build, her dress did not reveal any skin. The Eastern Empire had relatively traditional customs, and combined with Que Shan’s distinctly eastern face, it gave her a unique charm.

It’s no wonder the first mate wanted her.

She really was a rare beauty, considering her beauty was only slightly inferior to Zi Di’s, nothing more.

After finishing the curtsy, Que Shan got up and sized up Zhen Jin, her gaze filled with curiosity. She understood Zong Ge to an extent, and she knew how prideful and reserved the half beastman’s heart was. To make the strong half beastman comply, it was clear the youngster before her was not a simple person.

Naturally, the reason Que Shan came here was because Zhen Jin summoned her.

“Tell me the things you have observed concerning the mysterious magic beast and the caves.” Zhen Jin opened his mouth.

“Yes Lord Zhen Jin, I will tell you all I know!”

Que Shan’s information was only surface level.

After Zhen Jin heard her, she withdrew disappointed.

Sitting on a rock stool, Zhen Jin muttered to himself.

Assuming control over the people in the ravine went smoothly and wasn’t troublesome.

This was within Zhen Jin’s expectations.

Because Zhen Jin was the strongest person and had sufficiently high status, it was natural for him to hold a position of leadership.

He was not cut off from others, he still had a tight group of subordinates following him.

The fighting strength of these people also exceeded that of the people in the ravine.

Adding on the survival situation, since attaching oneself to the strong increased the hope of living, everyone in the ravine capitulating to Zhen Jin was naturally easy.

Only the number of people increased, based on Zhen Jin’s recent observation and after a slight evaluation, there were at least two hundred people!

With so many people, the way Zhen Jin led had to change.

By exposing his noble prestige and blank face, he silently reminded everyone that he was their leader and stood above them!

At the same time, he also wanted to establish the positions of his group, he wanted his group to be slightly above the people in the ravine.

Thus, his subordinates would support him more and ensure his authority.

This was one of the underlying reasons why he ordered his subordinates to rest while making the ravine people work.

“Because Xi Suo and his sailors ran away earlier, everyone in the ravine hates them. The half beastman Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and the mercenaries are also in an awkward position because of their racial identities.

“This is all fine.”

While standing up high, how Zhen Jin regarded things and his point of view were naturally different from that of ordinary people.

“The next important thing to do is to find the mysterious culprit murdering the survivors.”