Chapter 124: To Save Them or Not?

Zhen Jin and the others came into the forest, they seemed to see traces of disorderly beasts, as if the magic beast corps had disintegrated, it seemed the blue dog fox wolf had lost control.

“How can we pursue?” Zong Ge tightly scowled, he was a soldier not a hunter, and he was no expert at differentiating between beast footprints.

Bai Ya was certainly an expert, but he was too weak.

“A remnant of the god’s power is still within me; I can barely see it. The blue dog fox wolf went that way!” Zhen Jin had already secretly used ultrasound, thus he now pointed out the correct direction without hesitation.

“A remnant of the god’s power is still in Zhen Jin? This kind of concern is extremely unusual. Zhen Jin……maybe he is not an ordinary templar knight!” Zong Ge deeply glanced at Zhen Jin, hiding his amazement in his heart.

He had heard from Bai Ya: Zhen Jin had received a new godly blessing during the battle, making it so his roar could directly make flying squirrels lose consciousness.

Everyone ran through the forest; their pursuit was in full swing.

Finding fewer and fewer beast footprints along the journey, Tripleblade felt exultation: “It seems the blue dog fox wolf’s scent has reached its time limit, it cannot constrain the beast groups and soon, it will be alone. It’s no wonder that after they attacked the camp, they did not pursue us and instead wandered off.”

Lan Zao also guessed: “Perhaps the thick smoke Lord Zi Di’s potion made, could disturb the blue dog fox wolf’s scent!”

A short while later.

“Overtake it!” Zong Ge laughed heartily as he charged at the blue dog fox wolf.

Seeing the pursuing force, the blue dog fox wolf lost its head out of fear, it then accelerated to escape into the forest.

As the pursuit unfolded, Zhen Jin grew hesitant: “I have a bad feeling about this.”

While running, Zong Ge looked at Zhen Jin, he had the same feeling.

Suddenly, the blue dog fox wolf stopped running and howled, agitating the forest. Magic beasts poured out from all directions and surrounded Zhen Jin and the others.

“It deliberately divided its force, faked the scattering of the beast groups, then it showed weakness to lure us in so it could surround us!” Zong Ge growled, his expression heavy.

Lan Zao and Tripleblade had ugly complexions, they had not foreseen the blue dog fox wolf’s scheme.

“First we break out, then we shall counterattack!” Zhen Jin shouted; their current formation was too unfavorable.

His ultrasound had probed everything, nothing was unexpected.

Zong Ge took the lead, with his white bone hammer whistling in the wind.

Zhen Jin was at his side, with the sharp Silver Lightning.

With their attacks combined, the ring surrounding them immediately destabilized. These magic beasts had just gone through a battle and hadn’t had the time to rest and reorganize, every single one of them had injuries.

Tripleblade and Lan Zao were somewhat weaker, but with Zhen Jin and Zong Ge looking after them, all four broke out of the encirclement.

“If there were more people, I wouldn’t have been able to look after all of them.” Zong Ge spat.

“Horrifying! This blue dog fox wolf still schemed against us; it purposefully divided its force. If we pursued with a large force, with different individual speeds, we would have lost our formation, thus taking disastrous casualties.” Tripleblade had post-traumatic stress.

Zhen Jin’s expression was as heavy as iron: “Leaving this kind of opponent alive, will cause extreme trouble and worry for us. I must eliminate it! I am afraid this is our final chance.”

“That’s right!” Zong Ge’s will was also resolute.

The four people reorganized their formation and continued the pursuit.

Against the assembled magic beast corps, they could rely on Zhen Jin’s ultrasound to fight like guerillas and eradicate the magic beast corps’ outer strength.

The magic beast corps also had bat monkeys, and every time Zhen Jin and the others attacked, they would guard against them in advance.

But at the magic beast corps’ weakest side——they didn’t have any long range firepower.

Zhen Jin and the others had crossbows and many arrows. They avoided close quarters fighting with the magic beast corps, instead after getting close enough, they would shoot at them.

When the magic beast corps counterattacked, they ran away.

The magic beasts were extremely tired, they could not run at peak speed. Even if they overtook Zhen Jin and the others, the magic beasts’ formation would inevitably become disorderly, allowing Zong Ge and Zhen Jin to meet them head on, and kill them.

In the end, although the blue dog fox wolf was cunning, the intelligence of the other magic beasts was lacking. The blue dog fox wolf could not pass down precise or specific orders, it could not keep the magic beasts in formation after they charged.

Doing this, Zhen Jin and the others only paid with arrows, while the magic beast corps paid with their lives.

Finally, the blue dog fox wolf knew the battle was lost, and with some elites, it sped up its escape into the forest. It left the weak, old, young, and injured to obstruct Zhen Jin and the others.

The four of them attempted to take a detour, however the magic beasts left behind also followed. The blue dog fox wolf’s scent made them loyal and devoted, they had no thoughts for personal safety as they intercepted the four people.

Zong Ge grew impatient, he then took the lead and charged forward. After some close quarter killing, the four managed to barely break through the defensive line.

There were still some relatively quick and annoying magic beasts behind them.

“My Lords, continue pursuing, we will lead these magic beasts away!” Tripleblade loudly proposed while running, they had already procrastinated enough.

Zong Ge and Zhen Jin agreed in a flash.

Tripleblade and Lan Zao left and attracted the magic beasts’ attention.

Zong Ge and Zhen Jin continued their pursuit.

After sensing the situation, the blue dog fox wolf left magic beasts behind to constantly obstruct them.

“If this continues, the blue dog fox wolf will escape, we need to separate too!” Said Zhen Jin.

Zong Ge hesitated for a moment, the blue dog fox wolf still had some military strength by its side, with just Zhen Jin or himself alone, they would not be its match. But Zong Ge still nodded: “Regardless of who overtakes the blue dog fox wolf first, just focus on entangling it, wait until backup arrives before attacking it!”

Zhen Jin nodded; the two humans rapidly separated.

A strong life white rhinoceros charged at Tripleblade and Lan Zao.

Lan Zao was entangled with flying squirrels and was about to be run over by the strong life white rhinoceros.

“Leave!” Tripleblade shoved Lan Zao out of the way in time.

Lan Zao was caught off guard, he cried out in surprise and rolled three times, avoiding the rhinoceros.

But now the goblin Tripleblade stood where he was.

The silver level magic beast’s physique was lofty, while the goblin’s was short and small.

Just as the rhinoceros was about to collide, Tripleblade suddenly crouched into a small ball and rocked in place.

As the rhinoceros charged through, Tripleblade still remained where he was, he had perfectly dodged the rhinoceros’ hooves.

“Ama, amazing!” Upon seeing this, Lan Zao could not help but show shock and admiration.

But at the next moment, a crocodile head hammer tail boa swept in, causing Lan Zao and Tripleblade to flee once more.

Against these magic beasts, they were somewhat weak.

Tripleblade was fine, but Lan Zao nearly died a few times already.

“Go assist your master! I will stall here.” Tripleblade shouted.

Lan Zao hesitated and shook his head: “My life should be sacrificed here, even if it only gives my master a few more seconds, it is worth it!”

The goblin was verbally abusive, but did not persuade further, rather he attracted the crocodile head hammer tail boa and quickly left the area.

“Don’t interfere!” Tripleblade cursed before leaving.

“Thanks!” Lan Zao could only express his thanks in his heart, because he was quickly swarmed by a flying squirrel group.

As far as the strong life white rhinoceros was concerned, after charging, it chased after the blue dog fox wolf. Tripleblade and Lan Zao were incapable of stopping it.

Lan Zo was only at the bronze level, yet at this moment, not only was he surrounded by bronze level flying squirrels, there were also two iron level magic beasts!

How could Lan Zao dare stay where he was, he could only continue to flee ignominiously.

Sensing Lan Zao’s departure, Tripleblade sighed in his heart: “I have already done my best.”

Typically, he and Lan Zao were unfamiliar with each other, but during this pursuit, he approved of the human’s bravery and loyalty.

Like how he looked after new mercenary members, he also looked after Lan Zao.


The crocodile head hammer tail boa suddenly crashed into a large boulder.

Tripleblade had no choice but to come out from his hiding place, and in the spitting image of a flea, he nimbly climbed up a big tree.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa raised its head up to Tripleblade’s eyes and continued to attack.

“Come then!” Tripleblade wanted to create this opportunity.

He suddenly let go, releasing a branch he had been deliberately pushing down, the thick shower of branches and leaves allowing him to hide from the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s field of view.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa subconsciously closed its mouth and slightly recoiled.

At the next moment, Tripleblade suddenly rushed out from the branches and leaves, and jumped onto the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

With his small and tricky dagger, he ruthlessly fell like a shooting star as he stabbed one of the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s eyes.

But the crocodile head hammer tail boa reacted with lightning speed, it suddenly flung back its head and tossed Tripleblade off.

While Tripleblade was in the air, the crocodile head hammer tail seized the opportunity and flicked its tail.

If it hit, Tripleblade could not rely on his leather armor to protect him, he would definitely die on the spot.

But at the most crucial moment, Tripleblade suddenly waved his hand. A grappling hook buckled itself to a nearby tree, and by pulling on the rope, Tripleblade pulled himself onto a tree.

However the crocodile head hammer tail boa still hit his right arm.

It fractured and completely paralyzed his right arm!

After the crocodile head hammer tail boa flicked its tail, it charged again.

Tripleblade had just gotten on the tree trunk, the only thing he could do during this calamity, was go behind the tree trunk.


The crocodile head hammer tail boa took a massive bite out of the tree trunk. Tripleblade, after fighting for a bit of time, threw himself off to avoid that mortal blow.

After throwing himself to the ground, Tripleblade immediately rolled and got up.

This action involved his right arm, making him turn pale and grimace in pain.

“Damm it!” Tripleblade also discovered he had lost his dagger.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa was slowly approaching again.

Tripleblade’s head filled with cold sweat, with no way out, he knelt to the ground and grabbed a knife at his waist with his left hand.

“I really didn’t want to use this knife. But there is nothing I can do!”

Tripleblade took a deep breath and breathed out, then with a tinkle, he pulled out the dagger.

The dagger was not made of iron, instead its blade was as thin as paper. The blade flashed with a layer of green tint.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa attacked again!

Tripleblade moved quickly and violently, he avoided the attack and brushed past the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

The blade in his left hand softly cut through the boa’s body and skin, creating a spray of blood.

After causing this wound, Tripleblade immediately returned the dagger to its scabbard.

At the same time, he rapidly left the battlefield.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa was pursuing close behind him.

Tripleblade frantically ran, jumping occasionally when he heard the crocodile head hammer tail boa attacking.

After ten breaths, the crocodile head hammer tail boa suddenly fell to the ground. Its body was still slowly struggling, but it could no longer move.

Tripleblade continued to run, after running for a good while, he stopped on a tree trunk, opened his mouth, and started breathing.

“I nearly died! Ahaha……” Tripleblade fiercely breathed for a spell, allowing concern to rise up, “Lan Zao? I need to look for him, if by any chance he returns to find me, he will bring about his own destruction!”

In accordance with the impressions and battle traces, Tripleblade quickly found Lan Zao.

“You!” Tripleblade’s heart shook.

In the shattered woodland, a still standing and blood-soaked Lan Zao was holding two swords.

By him, there were over a dozen flying squirrel corpses.

Although none were iron level magic beasts, there were eight bronze level ones.

Seeing Tripleblade, Lan Zao, who had long reached his limit, fell to the ground unconscious.

Zong Ge ran through the forest.

The blue dog fox wolf’s voice appeared ahead of him.

This made the half beastman’s spirit rise!

“Zhen Jin should have succeeded in overtaking and entangling it.”

Zong Ge’s speed was a burden. However before rushing over and providing support, he had to dispose of a strong life white rhinoceros, iron level flying squirrels, and more.

After charging through some dense undergrowth, Zong Ge saw a small hill, then he saw Zhen Jin surrounded by the blue dog fox wolf and a few monkey tail brown bears.

“What terrible luck!” Zong Ge’s heart sank.

This was completely different from his expectations.

Zhen Jin did not use his crossbow, instead he fell into an encirclement.

Zhen Jin did not have full body steel armor, and without Zong Ge providing support, everything boded ill!

Zong Ge was just about to step forward when his heart suddenly moved.

He suddenly had a thought: “Should……I save him?”