Chapter 111: It is Time to Take it Out

When the second day arrived, Zhen Jin was awakened by a noise.

“What is going on?” Zhen Jin opened his hazy eyes.

After listening attentively for a moment, it seemed like he was hearing Zong Ge’s voice.

Because he had been engrossed in training last night and was really tired, Zhen Jin hadn’t taken off his leather armor, he only threw off the rapier and his water bag before sleeping.

This time, he got up, put on the rapier, lifted the tent flap, and left the tent immediately.

The dispute had just ended, and Zong Ge and his people were leaving.

There were crossbows in their hands.

“Lord Zhen Jin!” When Xi Suo saw Zhen Jin, he seemed to find his spine.

He promptly ran to Zhen Jin and pointed to Zong Ge and his people: “Those people are too barbarous; they are running off with most of the crossbows!”

When the people at Zong Ge’s side saw Zhen Jin arriving, they stopped one after the other with nervous expressions.

Zong Ge calmly gazed at Zhen Jin and indifferently said: “Yesterday we explored for a distance of eight kilometers and were met with no less than twenty attacks. The more crossbows we have, the more we can investigate and decrease our losses.”

“Templar knight, I think you should understand what the current situation is.”

Zhen Jin looked at Zong Ge, staying silent for a moment.

After the youngster keenly observed, he found his impression of Zong Ge’s armor had changed, it was cruder and had been modified a lot, in particular, there were clear traces of a gigantic squeezing force around the waist.

In addition, not only were there two short spears on Zong Ge’s back, there was also an enormous white bone hammer.

The bone hammer was astonishingly dense and very heavy, it was obvious that it was a remolded crocodile head hammer tail boa tailbone.

Zhen Jin knew about this point.

Yesterday, Zong Ge dispatched some people to take away the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s tailbone. They were unexpectedly quick and after a day, Zong Ge added this new weapon to his arsenal.

Zhen Jin did not speak and neither did Zong Ge.

Both sides sunk into a brief silence and the deadlocked situation gradually turned tense.

“That bone hammer doesn’t seem half bad.” Suddenly, Zhen Jin slightly smiled and smashed the silence.

“Anyone wounded? Any casualties? Perhaps I can arrange something and have Zi Di mix some potions.” Zhen Jin continued.

Without knowing why, when Zong Ge saw Zhen Jin’s smile, his heart instead became even more tense. But Zong Ge seemed considerably tranquil on the surface: “Our casualties are small, please don’t bother Miss Zi Di with other things. Just have Miss Zi Di make more corrosive potions and more triggers. We need more crossbows now.”

“The more the better.” Zong Ge reiterated again.

Zhen Jin nodded: “It seems our opinions are unanimous. So, I hope your day goes smoothly.”

“My Lord……” Xi Suo was stunned, he did not expect that Zhen Jin would immediately release Zong Ge and his companions.

Contrary to expectations, Zong Ge was not surprised. He nodded to Zhen Jin, his expression caused the mercenaries to relax, and left camp.

Seeing Zong Ge’s back, Zhen Jin found that his new weapon was very crude, it was just a pole inserted into the bone as a handle.

It was similar to the time Zhen Jin used a spider leg as a sword.

Thus, Zhen Jin spoke again: “Tonight ……”

When Zong Ge’s people heard Zhen Jin suddenly speak, they immediately breathed and turned around in succession.

Zhen Jin continued: “You can give us the bone hammer; Mu Ban’s craftsmanship will make it better.”

Zong Ge stopped walking, but he did not turn around.

The majestic half beastman continued to walk away and past the camp gate, only then did he leave a word——“Many thanks.”

Xi Suo looked at these people leaving the camp smoothly with crossbows: “My Lord, you are letting them leave immediately?”

Zhen Jin smiled: “They really need those crossbows.”

Xi Suo shook his head: “But, those were most of the crossbows on hand. We don’t have enough.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Mu Ban came over, he had heard what Xi Suo had said, “We can make more. With President Zi Di supplying corrosive potions and my manufacturing template, we can make batches of triggers. The quality of these triggers will get better and the crossbows we make will become stronger.”

“As for those Zong Ge and his people took away, those have gone through seawater and battle, while not being maintained well, all of them are defective goods. Dealing with and using them is fine.”

“What do you understand?” Xi Suo glared at Mu Ban.

Mu Ban yielded and said no more.

He was just an ordinary person, while Xi Suo was a bronze level cultivator.

“No, when we have new crossbows, you will supply Zong Ge with a portion.” Zhen Jin replied.

“Ah? My Lord if we do that……” Xi Suo was stunned.

Zhen Jin looked at Xi Suo, his dark blue eyes became abstruse: “Compared to some crossbows, I want to know how Zong Ge and his people entered camp more.”

“Who is on duty right now?” Zhen Jin asked.

“Me, your Lordship.” Xi Suo yielded at once, but soon wrangled again, “Zong Ge and his group came here with tumultuous momentum and asked for crossbows. If I kept the gate closed, I feared it would have led to more conflict. You know I am just a bronze level sailor, nothing more. As a result, I had no alternative but to let Zong Ge and a small portion of his group into camp.”

Zhen Jin asked again: “Why did you not inform me?”

Xi Suo licked his dry lips: “My Lord, I was just about to send someone to inform you. Originally I planned to socialize with Zong Ge and persevere for a time, how was I to know that Zong Ge would push aside common sense and directly walk to the arms storehouse to forcefully take away crossbows!”

Zhen Jin was silent and did not speak, he only looked at Xi Suo.

It seemed the incorporeal pressure of Zhen Jin’s gaze gradually became hard to bear as Xi Suo lowered his head.

As Mu Ban saw this, his heart could not help but be inwardly carefree.

Zhen Jin suddenly said: “Xi Suo.”

“My Lord, I await your command.” Xi Suo replied at once.

Zhen Jin lightly sighed: “All of us are pure humans, we should not scorn each other’s intelligence, isn’t that right?”

“My, my Lord……” At this moment, the spirit of Fei She seemed to possess Xi Suo.

“This time, your performance has really disappointed me.” Zhen Jin continued.

“However, I understand you, I know the pain and worry in your heart. But I also ask you to understand the situation before us, you participated in yesterday’s meeting, correct?”

“Go and personally guard the gate. If today’s situation reappears, shouldn’t you know what to do?”

Xi Suo knelt to the ground, in that short time, he was already covered in cold sweat. He then put his hand to his abdomen and promised Zhen Jin: “My Lord, I will hold the gate with my life! If Zong Ge and his people return, I will guard the gate to the best of my capabilities!”

“Very good, then I await your performance. Go on.”

After going through Zhen Jin’s admonishment, Xi Suo put away his small thoughts. He guarded the gate all day long, he even ate his three meals there.

Regardless of how he genuinely thought, accepting punishment already satisfied Zhen Jin.

Today, the young knight was still investigating the surroundings with Bai Ya and the others.

Last night he had trained for a long time and did not sleep enough, without enough rest, the mountainous trek made his back and waist ache constantly.

As a result, Zhen Jin returned to camp earlier than the previous day.

During dinner, Bai Ya came to Zhen Jin: “My Lord, Zong Ge’s group has not returned. However at noon, they returned with a seriously injured person. I heard that they walked over ten thousand meters that morning. After calculating in today’s investigation results, they have completed a tenth of their assignment.

Bai Ya then said: “Since we did not return to camp at noon, we can also eat dinner outside. Doing this will squeeze out more time for more investigations.”

Zhen Jin looked at Bai Ya’s worried face with a warm heart, he then clapped his shoulder: “Don’t be anxious Bai Ya. Investigative work is meticulous, and more importantly, we need to guarantee the safety of our own, this cannot be advanced prematurely. The forest is full of dangers, one must be vigilant at all times. If one is even a bit careless, a beast will ambush them. So, we must rest.”

After eating dinner, Zhen Jin returned to his tent and gave himself as much rest as possible.

Then late into the night, he set out under the pretense of patrolling so he could train secretly.

This persisted for three days.

The pace of Zong Ge’s group had already surpassed Zhen Jin’s.

Bai Ya became impatient: “My Lord, we are about to lose! I heard that your Lordship patrols every night. It's no wonder your Lordship has no energy during the day. Lord Zhen Jin, I ask you to stop doing this. Xi Suo guards the camp seriously, he is enough.”

Zhen Jin shook his head: “Before marching to battle, one needs to relax Bai Ya.”

Bai Ya anxiously glared: “But my Lord, every day we rest well with nowhere to vent our energy. We can walk more and investigate further.”

Zhen Jin smiled: “You do not understand my opinion. I said that as Zong Ge and his companions exert themselves to investigate their surroundings, their military power is severely declining and every day they have wounded.”

“If the blue dog fox wolves attacked at this time, what could we do?”

“Therefore, we must retain a portion of our battle strength. If at that crucial time Zong Ge’s group cannot display their military strength, then they can rely on us”

“So that’s what your Lordship believes.” Bai Ya stared blankly, “My Lord, you are too benevolent. You take the big picture into consideration. That repulsive half beastman Zong Ge is surely using your Lordship’s big picture and benevolent heart!”

“Lord Cang Xu mentioned to me that Zong Ge was intentionally doing this. He initiated this investigation challenge of his own accord, if he could defeat your Lordship in this, his influence would greatly increase. He deliberately marches every day and makes his ranks bear crises but contains the damage. This is clearly the mannerism of a soldier. As the people at his side stay in danger, their hearts will evolve to rely on Zong Ge’s strength. Every crisis Zong Ge resolves will deepen his influence over his people, even deepening it into appreciation or adoration. My Lord, Zong Ge is directly challenging your authority!”

Zhen Jin nodded: “His sharp sight is worthy of a scholar’s.”

“My Lord!” Bai Ya anxiously stamped his feet, “The will of the people is now changing.”

“Our comrades are beginning to slack off. Some people believe that our laziness makes Zong Ge’s group sacrifice more and that we are reaping what we have not sown.”

“There are also some who are unsatisfied. According to this kind of trend, the half beastman, goblin, and the rest will beat us. But we can definitely work harder, we are not doing our best.”

“Zong Ge’s group also had some windy speeches for us.”

“They despise us, believe we fear danger, are too prudent, and are not manly.”

“There is even a rumor being passed between the wounded.”

Saying this, Bai Ya became very indignant.

“Eh? Say it.”

“The rumor says that your Lordship didn’t actually behead a blue dog fox wolf. Perhaps there were two blue dog fox wolves initially and your Lordship only picked up some wolf hair off the ground. When you returned to camp, you saw the crocodile head hammer tail boa Zong Ge killed, you were anxious that this military success attacked your position and thus told a lie about the wolf hair you were holding.”

“Your Lordship’s true military might cannot compare to Zong Ge’s. They can tell what kind of person your Lordship is from the investigation outcomes of the past few days.”

Bai Ya finished with more anger and some anxiety.

Zhen Jin laughed: “That is an interesting rumor, it seems Zong Ge is inseparably close with his people.”

“My Lord, are you not angry about this misunderstanding? Bai Ya was baffled.

Zhen Jin smiled: “Didn’t you also say this was only a rumor?”

“But my Lord……”

Zhen Jin continued: “I am more concerned about the casualties in Zong Ge’s group. Didn’t they say that two of them died?”

“Yes, one was killed on the spot by a viper, the other lost his footing and died halfway back to camp. In addition to this, ten of them are wounded.”

“His casualties are somewhat large.” Zhen Jin sighed, “Looks like it's time to take out the completed map.”