Chapter 100: Nature’s Beauty, The World’s Great Love


Zhen Jin spent a moment of effort tossing his bat wings from side to side to free them from the branches.

The youngster was unaccustomed to having a pair of wings.

However, the excitement of another flight attempt quickly filled his heart.

His first attempt to take off from the ground was not effective.

Afterwards, Zhen Jin had an idea, he would climb a tree, jump from the treetop, open his large wings, and practice gliding. This experience would allow him to accurately determine the relationship between the air and his wings.

After changing the way he trained, Zhen Jin’s training efficiency immediately increased, the more flying he experienced, the deeper he understood it.

The training had an additional gain.

It was tree climbing.

Bat monkeys had four strong limbs, their hands were similar to humans and their feet’s big toes could also hold things, this kind of body structure made tree climbing easy.

After practicing for a while, Zhen Jin improved both his flying and tree climbing skills!

He could now stealthily climb up trees by using his limbs and after a few breaths, he could flee from the canopy.

Sensing his progress, Zhen Jin changed the way he trained again.

He began to learn how monkeys jumped between trees. First he would climb up a tree, then he would jump into the air and spread his bat wings, after receiving lift from his wings, he would glide to another tree.

This kind of training greatly improved his gliding and efficiency. At the same time, he also tempered his jumping abilities.

“When Zong Ge saved the boat craftsman by intercepting the silver level rhinoceros, he had been jumping between branches and seemed to have dropped from the sky.”

“He must have trained in this aspect; from this point I can infer that his martial skills are not lacking.”

“Compared to him, my current form cannot lose to him in tree jumping. The monkey physique is extremely suited to move between branches.

Zhen Jin then practiced flying for a while before taking the initiative to stop.

“With this kind of training efficiency, I estimate that in three days, I will know how many times I should flap my wings, making it unlikely that I will hit any obstacles again.”

“It will take a long time to fly quickly and nimbly by instinct.”

Zhen Jin evaluated himself.

He could still fail at flying. Gliding was more successful, however when genuinely flapping his wings, even if he did his best to control his body, it was hard to avoid a crooked flight.

However, he had adapted to the bat monkey body, it was improbable that his wings would get stuck in branches again.

After stopping flight training, Zhen Jin was sitting on a tree branch when his emotions suddenly stirred.

There were countless sounds in the tranquil forest.

There was the soft wind, the rustling tree leaves, the murmur of a distant brook, the voices of invertebrates, beast roars, and the song of nightingales.

“I have also adapted to the bat monkey ears.” Zhen Jin understood what was going on.

In the beginning, he was hearing too much, it was too noisy, and it made him sick. But after focusing his attention on flying, the noises were tossed to the back of his head.

During the training, he had gradually adapted to his outstanding hearing ability.

As he calmed his heart, he immediately discovered that he had made great progress in this aspect.

The sounds, the countless sounds were all received by his flourishing ears.

At first Zhen Jin attempted to differentiate between the sounds and guess at their sources, however he quickly found himself wallowing in the symphony of sound.

His mouth hung open and his eyes lost focus.

He was like a young bird that just soared through the blue sky for the first time. He was like a drop of water assimilating into an ocean.

At that moment, he deeply felt a type of beauty.

It was the beauty of nature!

Previously on this island, Zhen Jin had no clothes on him, no food on his stomach, he was between life and death, and was full of anxiety and impudence.

In a past moment, he had sat on a granite boulder and gazed into the night sky, transforming his heart so that it was no longer impatient and worried.

In a past moment, he, Zi Di, and Cang Xu gazed at two pieces of roasted meat, their laughs turned their torment into calm optimism.

And now, such a moment came again.

This time, Zhen Jin forgot about himself.

He was like an orphan searching for his mother’s embrace after wandering for countless years.

He had realized his own insignificance, he had sensed nature’s beauty, and he finally sensed the great love of the world.

That kind of beauty was boundless, and that kind of love was moving!

The emotion produced was so powerful, so unexpected, that it seemed to pound against Zhen Jin’s heart like a tidal wave and spread across his entire body and mind.

He could not see; he could only listen.

He heard nature’s majesty, nature’s abundance, and nature’s beauty.

Cang Xu had said that the human ear had limits, it could only hear things within a fixed frequency.

“Yes, humans have limits.”

“As a bat monkey, I can experience happiness that ordinary people are incapable of perceiving.”

Zhen Jin’s train of thought consciously diverged, as he immersed himself in the murky happiness, he was unable to free himself for a moment.

He thought of druids.

He understood the druids.

“Druids can transform into bears, wolves, and eagles. They can also draw power from the forms of different living beings, they can feel how beautiful nature is. That is the reason why druids are fond of peace. Anything that tramples and destroys nature will make them angry. Nature is beautiful this way! If anything tramples and destroys it, it would be a great pity. The murderer is certainly a repulsive being!”

He thought of the core again.

“My bat monkey transformation was given to me by the core.”

“Perhaps this core is not as dangerous as I thought. It is like a sword; the important part is who uses it. Regular use is regular use, using it for evil is to be evil.”

Then, Zhen Jin inexplicably thought of Xi Suo.

His understanding of Xi Suo deepened a layer.

According to Zhen Jin’s speculation and rumors in the beach camp, the wound in the captain’s corpse should have come from Xi Suo’s hand.

Xi Suo was treacherous and despicable. However, he was shipwrecked, orphaned, lost all his property, and with the death of the first mate, he had lost a close supporter. He urgently wished to grab anything that made him feel safe, that verified his value, and that allowed him to remain the sailors’ leader.

“He is despicable and hateful; however, he is also pitiful.”

“Perhaps this is the true meaning of benevolence and tolerance.”

Zhen Jin wiped his cheek clean.

He wept.

He understood the excitement bards felt when they saw ancient works, and the surge painters feel when they see an exceptionally beautiful scenery.

That kind of pure beauty touched the heart.

This beauty can create all kinds of other beauty, like the light and goodness in human nature.

“Unfortunately, all humans lack the ears to hear this beauty.”

As time passed, Zhen Jin’s mood gradually calmed down.

“There is still a bit of time left, I can still practice something……perhaps ultrasound.”

If Cang Xu did not tell him, Zhen Jin would not have transformed into a bat monkey that night with the intent to shout loudly.

But now, he tried to shout.

The screech echoed under him a moment after.

“This isn’t ultrasound.”

Zhen Jin deeply breathed, he tried to control his vocal cords to make his voice sharper.

This time, his yell also made him slightly jump. At this level, it was similar to the screeching bat monkeys made when fighting.

“But this too is not ultrasound.”

Zhen Jin felt excited again because he had found the correct path.

Next, he constantly raised his voice like a man pitching his throat.

The frequency of his shouts became higher, like fingernails scraping a chalkboard. However, when using the monkey ears, those sounds were within a tolerable range, unlike human ears who found those sounds intolerable.

After a short period of time, Zhen Jin succeeded in producing an ultrasound wave.

At almost the next moment, he heard the echo.

“There is a tree there and a tree on a boulder over there.” After hearing it, Zhen Jin automatically sensed the position of the trees, a boulder, as well as a portion of a shape.

This kind of sensation was quite wonderful.

In the deep night, Zhen Jin could not see anything in the pitch-black.

However, with this sensation, Zhen Jin heart felt without explanation, a large tree and a tree leaning on a boulder coming into view.

Zhen Jin immediately flew over to verify it and found his senses were correct!

“Bat monkeys do not have night vision, however when they fly at night, they will constantly produce ultrasound of different frequencies. When the ultrasound hits an object, it will reflect back to the bat monkey. Bat monkeys can distinguish between the echoes of different frequencies, then they will nimbly dodge, making it unlikely they will run into any obstructions.” Cang Xu’s words appeared again in Zhen Jin’s mind.

Zhen Jin immediately realized the most crucial point——different frequencies!

Thus, he continued to produce ultrasound waves, by controlling his vocal cords, each ultrasound wave was different from the other.

The ultrasound waves echoed and were received by Zhen Jin’s ears.

Because of the different frequencies, Zhen Jin easily distinguished between them.

As a result, his surroundings revealed itself in his heart, it was like an artist drawing an outline on a pitch-black canvas with a white pen.


In the wake of Zhen Jin’s constant ultrasound waves, the canvas in his heart rapidly expanded to two hundred meters, five hundred meters, eight hundred meters……

The fuzzy things in the canvas became increasingly clear.

A sense of control arose involuntarily.

A sense of security came along with it.

I know of everything and can detect any changes within eight hundred meters.

Zhen Jin’s heart grew increasingly excited.

Although he had the lizard eye, the range of infrared vision was smaller than his hearing.

Zhen Jin was constantly calculating the time in his heart.

Now that there were more people, he could not go out by himself for too long.

After sorting out his mood, he returned to where he was previously, transformed back into a human, and put on his clothes.

Following his original path, he returned to camp.

“Lord Zhen Jin, you came back!” The guards saluted him in succession.

Zhen Jin encouraged them with a few words and returned to his tent.

He laid down on his bed, but for a long time, he could not sleep.

His crooked flying certainly irritated him and his experience with ultrasound was also wonderful, all of these things gave him a rich aftertaste.

After transforming back into a human, he could only walk on the ground with his legs, he could not hear the beautiful sounds, and worst of all, he could not use sound to detect things a kilometer around him.

It immediately seemed as if he were a bird that suddenly lost his wings or like an ordinary person that went blind.

A dim feeling of frustration seemed to ripple across the lake in his heart and Zhen Jin’s heart could not help but ripple with it.